Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Itch, Block, Blow! Itch!!!!!!!!!

I think I am going to get sick. Suddenly my nose itch and I start sneezing. And then, suddenly start to have headache, like want to get fever. Actually, I been having slight sorethroat since last week but managed to buffer it off with lots of liang char (herbal tea) that the shop are selling here. I think maybe I need to get another one later after work. Get the bitter type and maybe ask them to put some medicine inside to make it stronger. Just hope that I wont puke it all out because too bitter! Sigh, the running nose is turning into blocked nose.

The weather outside is not helping at all. From the window, I can see that the sky is dark and gloomy although it just rain. Meaning that it might rain again. I wonder if I can go back abit early today around 5.30pm. After all, I came in at 7.45am to attend the weekly conference call. Or perhaps I should just go back now. Tell my boss I am not feeling well. One look at my face and he can see that my nose is all stuffy and head is about to explode! (Can’t believe I can talk about me being sick in two paragraph! That just how talkative and loso I am!)

Babe just sms asking me what to eat for dinner tonight. Chicken parts in the fridge but don’t know how to cook it. Usually will cook with soya sauce or ginger or oyster sauce but tired of it already. Maybe I will steam it tonight since only the two of us eating. OBG’s hubby not around. So, she usually eat earlier and don’t join us for dinner even though we invite her to eat with us. So, I took opportunity to buy expensive stuff such as white prompet (bawal putih) yesterday and steam with ginger and soya sauce. RM12+ per fish! Want to faint when I see the price but since want to eat, what to do. Just get. Maybe I will steam the chicken parts again. Eat something light since babe’s doc is telling him to lost weight.

He gained 7kg in 2 months! So, no more supper for him and trying to force him to do more physical activities. When we move to our on place, going to cook just enough rice for one meal so that he won’t over eat. He really rice tong lar. Can eat up to three plates of rice if the dishes are the one he like. I am happy he likes the food I cook but I also want to make sure he is healthy lar. We both not young already. Must take good care of ourselves if we want to see our kids grow up and get married and have their own kids! Of course, price go up, so need to tighten the belt and eat less too! ~LOL~

Ok, enough from me today. Need to control myself from babbling non-stop and creating super long posting again.


Rose said...

Hi Jen, how do you feel today? Hope everything is fine, my friend! :)

Jen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
Fine now. Just temporary lapse of immune system or sudden allergy to something. I was fine the moment I stepped out of ofis yesterday! haha

Spiff, The Spaceman said...

Hey Jen, hope you're feeling much better. Get some rest and drink lots of water and come over and collect this award I have for you.

Jen's Place said...

Hi Spiff,
Feeling much better today. Temporary allergy (to what I have no idea!).
THANKS FOR THE AWARD!! I am truly flattered! :)