Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dinasours and Elephants

The sky looks really gloomy from my office window. Maybe it is going to rain again. The weather in KL has been very unpredictable recently. Without any sign at all, it can start to pour elephants and dinasours. And then equally without warning, the gloomy sky can turn into sunshine hot day. No wonder I can hear cough and sniffles everywhere I go this few days. I guess we human are just too vulnerable to sudden weather changes. I wonder what the weather is like at the place that I am suppose to be at next week.

I know, I should have gone online to check but feeling rather lazy to do that. I have not even go around to check for the exchange rate to get my US dollar yet! Thought will only do that this Thursday or Friday. Anyway, not planning to bring much since will only actually be US for 2 days. The remaining days will be either on the plane or airports. I actually calculated that if I wake up at 10am on Monday, by the time I reach San Francisco airport at 8pm US-time, I would have been awake for more than 27hours!

Need to phase myself and sleep during flight or else I will end up either sleeping too much and cant sleep when I reach the hotel when everyone else is sleeping. Or not getting enough sleep and feeling extremely tired during the meeting the next day! Either way, already bought 3 books for me to bring along to occupy myself. Also, will ask babe to upload some of the series we downloaded into the laptop. Then if the in-flight movies are boring, I will watch my own series! Clever or not?

Too bad can’t go online or else I will be able to post and go blog-hopping. I heard Taipei airport do not have free wifi unless you go to places like Starbuck or Coffee Bean. But those places would mean that I have to pay for something and then sit to use the wifi lar! Hmm, maybe will do that if my bosses and colleagues don’t mind. After all, can claim! To tell you the truth, I am not looking forward to the trip at all because I know that it will be extremely tiring.

Also, if not because of this trip, I would have move in to the new apartment by this weekend and start having our own life. Instead, the actual move need to be postponed for two weeks. Anyways, this Saturday, after babe get off from work around 1pm, we are going to move some of our stuff that we are not using now to the new place first. Before that, on the way, plan to go Carrefour at Subang first to get a few essential items such as knives and so on. Wonder if we should get the kitchen top for the stove there too.

Oh gosh! I wonder how much is buying a new tong of cooking gas going to cost us. And then need to get wok, cooking utensils and so on. Maybe I can persuade babe to get the toaster oven this weekend too. LOL! I am day dreaming again! I better stop this or else the post is going to be very long. Let me end this post by sharing the photo taken by babe of the swimming pools at our new place. We mms the pic to his nephews in Kuching and they got so excited that they ask their mom when they can come and visit us! Haha..Kiddie pool & normal pool


Nick Phillips said...

Wow, the pool looks so inviting. From the look of things, the apartment you guys have seem to be pretty good :D

Jen's Place said...

Hi Nick,
Yeah, the picture sure looks good doesn't it ^_^

Yes, been lucky and glad we were patient in our search! Hope all the woes with certain someone will be over soon..