Thursday, June 19, 2008

I am Blown Away~!

I can hear the wind whistling outside the building and the sky as dark and gloomy as if it is already 7pm-ish or 8pm. It is actually whistling really loudly and sounded almost like the spooky noise that most haunted/horror movie will have. I am beginning to look at the clock constantly and wonder if the rain will stop at 6pm so that I can drive home peaceful without too much jam. But I guess should ok even if it rained until after 6pm since I planned to go to the new wing to look at the LG fair after work. Want to see if any cheap washing machine and fridge or not.

I am stucked actually. Don’t know what to write about. I guess will just go straight to the point and thank Spiff for the award he gave me! I was really surprised because I never thought I will receive an award from Spiff, i.e. Nick altered ego! He has always been sort of my role model, Nick I mean, not that alien Spiff! LOL! So, I hereby, solemnly accept and thank you, Spiff aka Nickfor the Daily Blogger Award although I think I been lazy recently and running out of ideas what to write.Hard to believe that I start blogging about six months ago and I am still blogging. In the pass, if anyone tell me anything about blogging, it will just fly through my head and I will ignore it totally since I do not have any interest in it at all. I was wondering why in the world anyone would want to post their deepest thoughts and feelings so that whole wide world will know. Now, if even the news of bloggers unknown to me being sued, I feel upset because I am in the blogging community too!

I will say the ability to blog DAILY comes with a burden because it shows the world how ADDICTED I am to my blog! Sometimes, even if I don’t post anything, I will just login too just to see if there is anyone leaving comments here. And of course to check how many visitors I have for the day. Although I do not have as many comments and visitors as Spiff or Nick, I am happy to say that I have met many wonderful bloggers online whom I am proud to call my friends. (Hope they are calling me their friends too).

So, I would like to give this award to two dear friends of mine, one introduce me to the world of blogging, Rose and the other is Didi whose blog I always enjoy reading.


Dav DiDi said...

Wahhhh ...

Jen, thanks for da awards ... :)

Jen's Place said...

U r most welcome :)

Rose said...

Jen, thanks for passing the award to me!! very sweet of you!

Jen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
No problem! U deserve it :)

Nick Phillips said...

Jen, you deserve the award. You're one of the bloggers that I know who would definitely have something to post everyday :D

And me a role model to you? LOL! Thanks Jen, I'm honoured that it's me and not that annoying Spiff fellow ... LOL!

Happy Sunday.

Jen's Place said...

Hi Nick,
BLUSH!! Did I tell you that I am addicted to this?! Gosh! I better be making some $$ out of it before my babe banned me from going online so much!

Thanks again Nick for the award and u are definitely my role model...even admire your altered ego Spiff :P