Monday, June 30, 2008

Short Talk: Sitting in front Hello Kitty in TIA

Hi! Just short short one! It is 10.31pm and I am sitting in front of the Hello Kitty at the Taiwan International Airport blogging and chatting! Well, u can say partly it was because I am addicted to my blog but mainly was because wanna chat with my babe mar! And chatting on yahoo is one of the cheapest ways bah!!!!! BLUEK!

So, I am here, after 4.5hrs on the plane and I am DREADING my connecting flight to San Francisco, 14 hours!~ OH MY GOD! What AM I GOING TO DO FOR THAT LONE IN THAT SMALL CONFINE SPACE! I hope no one sit next to me! I HOPE I HOPE I HOPE!!

Oh yah, I also spent US$6 on a cuppa of latte! So, as you must be able to sense, I am FULLY AWAKE and hyper now. I am expecting myself to crash like crazy when I reach the hotel later tonite. YUP, later TONITE at around 10pm US-TIME. But I DONT CARE! I need the kick to help me survive the 14 hours journey! OH MAN! I will have super dark black eyes when I go meeting and do my presentation on 1 Jul!!! And you people envy me?!?!


Nick Phillips said...

14 hours on a plane? Well, being a lazy bum, I would probably sleep ... LOL!

Jen's Place said...

Hi Nick,
Imagine sleeping sitting up in a very confined space with total strangers to the right and left of you (OR ur colleagues)for about 12hours...
Plus we are trying to make ourselves adjust to the timezone, so no sleep on the plane or else cant sleep when reach here and the next day will really be a zombie!

Billy's Mom said...

Believe me Jen, at the end of your trip, you won't care about how you looks anymore. All you want to do is getting off the plane and going somewhere away from the plane and the airport......haha!
Welcome to the USA, Jen!

Jen's Place said...

Hi Billy's mom,
Yap u r rite. At the end of the flight, even the taxi was wonderful place to be! hehehe! Am very glad to be back!

The only thing that I miss abt Santa Clara is the weather! It is like having the aircon with you outdoor! :)