Friday, June 27, 2008

Short Talk: I am going to US!!!

Just a short one. I am going to US on Monday and back on Friday. Tomorrow and day after will also be busy moving most of the stuff to the new apartment. Not sure if I have time to go online to do much posting! But I promise to update you all when I am back and post lots of photos!

Am not looking forward to the trip actually but also excited at the same time! Am I confusing you? Oh well, nevermind. Will explain more when I am back. Feeling a little surreal now because so many things are happening: going to US, moving house and someone said that I don't look like in my 30s! She said I look like I just graduated! hahaha!!! Happy!!!!! BLUEK!

hhm..but it can mean 2 things...either I really look young, i.e. babyface OR I am immature! Jiak lak, which one ah?


Nick Phillips said...

Have a safe and fun trip :D

dumb-baker said...

Jenjen...enjoy ur trip although it's a work trip k! I have the same experience as u...i'm 24 this year but people tends to think i'm 15 this year...even more jiak lak! Worse, whenevr i go out for meetings at client's office with my favourite bag pack, they'll start asking me if i enter the wrong place because the building is an office and not a school!! haha

rebeena said...

So u want the answer is BabyFace/ Immature?

Go US remember buy iPhone, USD currency drop...hehehe

Do eNjoy ur tRip ya!!

Rose said...

All I can say everything comes at the same time, you just confuse!! ;p But dont worry, everything will be fine in the end..... :) have a nice weekend and enjoy your US trip!! Take care

Billy's Mom said...

Have a nice trip, Jen!!

Cheena Bukit said...

Hello from the US, Jen!

I stumbled upon your blog and saw your interesting blog!:)

I am a Singaporean living abroad, in Arkansas, US.

Just wanted to send you a courtesy HELLO and Sending you God blessings!

J. Pauline aka Cheena Bukit

Michael Wong said...

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Jen's Place said...

Thanks!!! Safe trip no problem! But have fun...not sure will have or not.

Jen's Place said...

There is advantage and disadvantage of looking young! hahaha! Up till now, when i travelling with my trusty backpack on my back, people will still ask me, u go study isit? GeeZ! But as I get older, I dun mind!

Jen's Place said...

I dunno which one I wanna be!

Buy Iphone? Me no $$! But the handphone in Taiwan airport damn beautiful and cheap. Some models cannot find in KL! Next time!! Now saving up for the apt and wedding!:P

Jen's Place said...

Yar...too many at one time! But I am happy....very very happy to have my own place and going places! hahaha

Jen's Place said...

Hi Billy's mom,
Yar, I have a good colleague that I know will try to make most of the time! So, I think I might be able to have abit of fun!

Jen's Place said...

Hi Cheena Bukit,
I am glad u like my blog *blush*! It is a place I enjoy rambling pretty much about everything and some of the faithful readers will tell u that I do talk ALOT! My post is getting longer! I am trying to control it as much as I can (I dun think I am succeeding much though)! hehehe..

WOW! All the way in Arkansas,US! What u doing there? Working/ studying/move there with ur hubby?

Nice to meet you and HELLO to u too! Would be happy to hear from u again:)

Jen's Place said...

Hi Michael,
Nice of u to drop by. Feel free to add my blog to ur blogroll :)