Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ring..My PRECIOUSSSssssss...

(NOTE TO TOPIC: For Lord of the Ring fans, you will know what I am talking about)

*long long long long contented sigh* Dunno why but feeling rather satisfied with my life today. Not that I am totally happy with it but at least I feel contented. I guess I am still trying to digest the fact that babe and I am actually doing it and for better or worse, we will be considered as one single unit soon. So, in the truest form, what is mine is his and what is his is mine. (Sorry, in abit of a romantic mood now. Dun vomit okie :P)

Actually, the excitement is slowly building up lar. I mean, I have start counting down to the day that we fly back to Kuching. And of course, this trigger me counting down THE DAY. As of today, it is actually 24days to time to go back and 34days to the day lor. Looking forward to going back to glorified and enjoy the family showering us with their love. I miss my parents very much actually. Hopefully, I can spend alot of time with them before I go back to KL.

To tell you the truth, I also don't really know how to describe how I feel. I know, I am suppose to be excited, well more excited than now, about getting married in about a month time but somehow, I don't feel it yet. His mom and my parents are arranging everything in Kuching - church, tea ceremony, invitation cards, dinner, program, MC, band, etc. It feels more than we are attending someone elses wedding? :P

I know, I know, I will be more into it and more excited when I am back in Kuching and have to run around to settle last minute things. I know one of the first thing that we need to do when we go back is look for our wedding ring. Yup, we have not purchase them yet. We were hunting everywhere in KL actually for one that we like. At last, we thought we found a design that we like, a 3 in 1 intertwine ring. I think the original design was by Cartier.

We also actually found a goldsmith that sells it a price that babe and I can afford but the problem it, it is the last pair and the one that is intended for me, don't fit so right. So, the rings does not roll properly down the fingers. The goldsmith actually told us he can do something to ensure the ring will roll properly but we told him we will think about it. Actually, again babe don't really like the color of the gold here. It is actually a combination of 1 yellow gold, 1 rose gold and 1 white gold.

He decided to ask our relatives in Kuching to check if anyone there can custom made the rings for us. But after asking, the price is more than RM3,500 for the higher grade of gold. If we want the cheaper ones, about RM2,500, they can do it too. Just use a different grade of gold. His mom is not very keen on that as she said that the color will fade overtime especially since we will be wearing it all the time (ermm..should be all the time right? :P) Plus, after thinking, we decided that we just go for a normal simple wedding band and will check them out at the goldsmith when we go back to Kuching.

I was abit dissappointed because I really like the design of the 3 intertwine rings. I think babe knew how much I like them because he actually said that we should get one for me if I really want and get another pair as our wedding band. So sweet hor him! But I decided no lar, no reason to waste perfectly good money for jelwery right? There is other things that the money can be put into good use for.

OK lar. Enough for now. I better not bore you people with too much details (for now:P). Hopefully I will remember to load the photos I took while I was in Penang and show you some really nice scenaries. Hard to believe that those places exist in Penang right? :P


Kok said...

I guess by the time the BIG day is one or two day away, you won't be able to sleep! haha!

Wah! So expensive for a ring? Hmmm.... seems like if I were to have a gf and getting married later, I would have to save a lotttttt!

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Kok,

YA! Definitely will need to spend alot if u have gf...

Ching Ching said...

eh.. the ring design macam Wendy last time want to buy one wow.
nanti you buy same one with hers.

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Chingx2
In the end decide dun wan lar. Dun wan to waste that much $$ and trouble...