Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Am I Blind? Or going Blind?Hhhmm....

Babe and I is forever teasing each other and say that we don't sayang (love) each other and that we have some affair here and there. But sometimes, when we talk seriously, I am trying to imagine the next 30-40years (or longer hopefully) of our lives together. It does makes me smile as I imagine in wonder and amazement that even a lifetime together with this man might not be enough.

Very often, me the kepoh (busybody) will somehow play the role of a love counsellor to some of my friends. They will often ask me, how do you know if he is the one? My answer is simple, look into yourself and ask, is the love that you have for the man is blind? I know, you are most probably asking me if I am insane for giving that kind of advice. How can I tell someone that is not sure to jump into with closed eyes? Well, actually, that is NOT what I meant. Alot of people have the misconception of the term "Love is Blind".

Perhaps it will make more sense if I add more words to it? Is your love for the man blind enough that you are willing to close your eyes and accept all his flaws and imperfection? Can you picture yourself living with someone that takes is for granted that you will be doing all the housework while he sit in front of the tv after work? Can he accept that you will be nagging him for this? Will he miss it when you decided to stop nagging? (LOL! Guys! Admit it. You miss it when your ladies stop nagging at you).

After dating this man for more than 8 years, I am still discovering things about him, some pleasant and others not so. Although we should never try to change someone from who he is but there are habits that I think we can help to get rid of or improve. Rarely, are things clear cut that it is split right down the middle. I realised that living together is all about taking and giving. There is always one partner that takes and another gives. In this way, harmony in the marriage and relationship will be maintained.

I guess I am lucky that after many years of dating one man (and him one lady), we are still very passionate and very much into each other. Although, sometimes we being human, we do take things for granted, we will always be able to find humor in things. To me, this is the key essential in a successful relationship, i.e. able to laugh WITH each other at our own or each other silliness.

Of course another essential thing in a good relationship is a ability to converse and communicate. I don't think I can stomach being lovey-dovey and stary daze eyes gazing at each other all the time. And just everyday talk in flowery terms. Ugh....So boring! It tickles me when sometimes, babe and I have interesting and heated discussion that we forgot we are not alone. Sometimes, our friends got pretty worried and thought we are arguing. It seems that suddenly everyone was so silent and only the two of us talking. But after awhile, they are used to this and even join in the debate! hehehe..

AIDUI! I am getting so errm..I also dunno what word to describe. Must be because been exchanging sms with babe's sis and getting hyped up by her for the upcoming big day :P


Kok said...

Wow! This is a good write up! Glad you share what you think. :D

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Kok,
Glad u like it. Sometimes I go a lil koo-koo (crazy) :P

Rose said...

Love is funny thing and when 2 persons together, love and other important ingredients are needed in making this relationship a success. It needs 2 hands to clap. :) Me and hubby still discovering things about each others even after we married.

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
Yah, love is a funny thing aint it? If you think about it, what is the percentage of probability that a gal meet a guy out of billions of people in the world and fall in love and get married?