Monday, December 1, 2008

Since I Moved Here...

It had been a super busy weekend for me. With babe and myself taking Monday off, we are thinking of making the most of our 3-day weekend and make sure that we do what we have been talking about in the last few weeks, i.e. bbq some pork! HAHA! We actually bought a small bbq pit from Giant about a couple of months back just to test and see if we can have the bbq at our small balcony off the kitchen without drawing (too much) attention to us. We even bought those quick start smokeless charcoal just to be on the safe side. After the first trial on the day of purchase, there is no stopping us.

Since we moved here in July, ie. 5 months ago, we had 3 bbq. Once, we invited friends over, sort of like a mini house warming for our new place. Then 2nd time was because we bought a bag of hickory wood and on a spur of the moment we decided to buy some meat and do our tw0-person bbq. The meat turn out super yummy and the smokey hickory wood taste goes deep into the meat. The bbq pit allows the smoke to be captured in the pit while the meat is cooking.

Happy with this success, we promised ourselves that the next time we go to the wet market, we will stock up on three-layer pork just for the bbq. So,the 3rd bbq was actually last night! HAHA! It was sort of a spur of the moment but not really also because we been thinking of doing it but have not made up our mind to have the bbq or go out for a walk at the mall. End up, we did both because we both woke up before 11am, had our breakfast and went out early enough to be back with plenty of time to do the bbq.

The 2nd time the we had our bbq, we bbq alot of meat and stored them in the fridge and freezer. Some of the meat, we heat up using the toaster oven and eat with our meals. But the thing that I can still remember is the taste of the bihun fried with smoked chicken meat! The smell, the taste! OMG! I dun mind stocking up again if we are not going back in less than 3weeks.

The BBQ PIT and the charred packet of hickory wood at the side

One of the roasted item - whole chicken legs.
The color is so yummy and juicy. The first time I did this was using half a chicken and I simply fall in love with it after that. The chicken legs are only marinated with salt and black pepper and nothing else. Pretty amazing huh?

Of course, there were other stuff - pork, lamb and fish but I was too lazy to snap any photo of them. Anyway, they are all in my fridge now and should be able to last babe and I for at least 2 weeks, i.e. till almost the time for us to go back to Kuching. Really must control myself and stop buying more stuff to stock up in the fridge or else two weeks later, the food spoil lar....wasted.

Anyway, today, Sunday, we decided the night before to stay in and enjoy the Sunday at home. After all, we planned to go out again on Monday to KWSP and run some errands that people normally need to do during weekdays. So, today, after having breakfast/brunch/lunch at 1pm (babe lar, wake up 1pm, me lunch at 1pm lor. I woke up at 11am :P ), I decided to try my hand at making sambal. I remember making it a long time ago when a group of us colleagues went to one of the Malay colleague's house to make nasi lemak for sale during our annual charity open house.

So, she essentially teached me how to make the sambal and we all love it so much. It is spicy with sweet and sour savoury taste. The sambal goes superbly with the coconut milk rice, half boil egg, salted fish and timun. Today, I try to make it again and discovered that other than remembering all the grinding and chopping of garlic, ginger, shallots, belacan, assam jawa, ikan bilis and dried chillies, I cannot remember what else she put.

But I venture on anyways thinking if it really not edible, it will just go into the rubbish bin lor. That was how strong my sense of adventure was today. Anyway, I am happy to say that the sambal is not too bad BUT I think and babe also thinks, something is missing from the sambal. I think it is lemongrass because when I go online to do research, I found that most recipe calls for lemon grass. But babe thinks it is the ikan bilis (dried anchovies). I think tomorrow, I will go get a couple stalk of lemon grass, grind it and try to adding to the sambal. Of course will fried it again. Hopefully, it is ok after that.

But, I think it is still yummy though because I keep thinking about it when we were out to meet babe's sister and family at Port Klang.

The sambal with the super delicious and tempting oily oily stuff at the side. Damn, I am drooling and thinking of having some again.


Willie said...

At a first glance, i thought the chicken thigh was overcooked. Geee..

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Willie,
HAHA! Guess the lighting was too bad. But the taste was simply unforgettable ^_^

Rose said...

u make me hungry again! Long time didnt bbq, i miss all those charcoal and smell of bbq meats! :p

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
We missed bbq too. Thats y can on the spur of the moment, buy the small bbq pit n try to bbq:P

twosuperheroes said...

wow...marinated with just black pepper and salt?? amazing... hope to try this recipe too! if only we can find a bbq pit... :p

RaiNboW said...

Jen, you should go for diet liaw... Isn't ur wedding around the corner liaw???

JenJen's Place said...

Hi 2superheroes,
Can get from Giant for less than RM50. Works well with other meat and fish too ^_^

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Rainbow,
Diet but still need to eat rite? haha!

Actually the bbq smoke meat is very good to stock up for adding to other food lar.