Wednesday, December 17, 2008


My colleague and I finally went to the swimming at the pool at my apartment yesterday evening. I was suppose to have a meeting at 6pm yesterday but after dialing in and waited for about 15minutes, the moderator has not dial in yet (turn out he couldn't wake up! He was 5am his time and 6pm our time. Guess cant blame him lar). So, we dropped the call and decided that since still have time, we might as well go back to my place for a swim.

It was actually pretty dark by the time we finished changing to our swimsuit and go to the pool. Dark but still can see lar because the sun has not fully set. That was around 7.30pm. always thought that the water will be warm because the pool would have absorbed the heat from the sun the whole day and is suppose to release it slowly in the evening. But the water was so cold last night! Super duper cold. Kee, my colleague was actually shivering! I know I can feel EVERY part of my body tensed from the cold.

But after moving around in the pool for awhile, we felt better lar. There was another girl in the pool. One of the people staying at the apartment too. It was the first time I see her. When she wave and say hello, we thought she was just being friendly at first. Then suddenly, she ask do you know what is , I actually rolled my eyes in my brain, OH NO! ANOTHER DIRECT SALES! I have nothing against people that do direct selling but please lar! We went to the pool to swim and have fun. Not to listen to the nonsense about EXPERIENCE SHARING GATHERING or whether we are interested and if yes, she can invite us! As if that is such a previlege thing, to be invited..sheesh!! GERAM!

But me and K being super nice people, we just dont have the heart to tell someone direct to the face to shut up and leave us in peace. So, in the end, we were trying really really hard to change the topic a few times without much success and when she asked if we are free this Saturday, that was the last straw and I immediately told her, sorry, I wont be around. Will be going away for a long trip. I think she finally got the hint lar and left the pool without saying goodbye or anything! HEHEHE!

Anyway, we had a good peaceful swim after that. Looking forward to doing it again. Maybe we go to Jusco later and check out the swimsuit on 50% sales? ALAMAK! Errr...maybe not. Need to save $$$ ~>_<~ Or I bring Sum there and ask her to buy her swimsuit & googles??? PPsst, Kee, what u think?

After the swim and bath, we went to the mamak for dinner around 8.30pm. Ate thosai telur again with chutney that is white (coconut I think) and brown (er..this I am not sure what but really nice mix with the white one). Kee also ate thosai but hers was plain one. Babe at nasi pattaya and we ordered chicken tandoori. Super full after that but we were glad because we ate super light throughout the day and finally go swimming. Dinner was not too heavy. So, all in all, it was a good day yesterday.

p/s: *singing and humming* SMILE SMILE SMILE SMILE SMILE HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!!!!! Going back the day after tomorrow!!!! No need to work for 16 days!!!! GRIN GRIN GRIN GRIN!!


Rose said...

Where got people go swimming at night?? Must be shivering loh! hahaha!

I think now you are not only shivering with cold but shivering with happiness? p: hahah!

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
No choice..that is the only time we have...

Not shivering, jumping and cant sit still...