Friday, December 12, 2008

BBQ Chicken @ 1U

We went to BBQ Chicken @ 1U on Wednesday for a early birthday celebration. We initially thought the place is really pricey because the be frank, the photos on the posters outside the BBQ Chicken restaurant just dont do the food justice! We went there at around 12noon and we decided to order the lunch set which comes with a soup, a drink and plate with fried rice, coleslaw, 2 pieces of bbq chicken stripes and another piece of whatever type of chicken that you are interested in, either fried, grill or charboiled.

I will only say, the food was so good and filling that we simply cant help melting the moment the meat melts in our mouth! Yah, I am not exagrating, the food was that good. And the best thing, the fried food is fried in olive oil. Surprisingly, the fried food does not taste like the usual freaky oily stuff that you usually get when fried with normal cooking oil (think KFC chicken and the oil at the bottom of the skin when you peel it).

In fact, we are simply amazed by the fact that there is hardly any oil stain on our plate at all despite the fact that we have fries, fried chicken pieces and chicken strips! I really don't know if it is because of the olive oil or simply because they blot away all the access oil after frying. Either way, it definitely works for me and judging from the empty clean plates after the lunch, my colleagues definitely concur with me.

Charboiled boneless chicken, chicken strips with mustard, coleslaw and fried rice (RM12.60+)
This is really really really good. Dont get discouraged by the name charboiled. In fact, the chicken was actually grilled to perfection that it actually tasted slightly smoked! I will definitely order this again.

Chicken stripes covered with yellow mustard. Surprisingly light and juicy. Hardly any oil and tasted super healthy. (I think this is RM11+)

Fries with errmm..jerk chicken (LOL! I cant remember the name of the chicken and neither can my colleagues except that is sounded something like jerk! HEHEHE). The chicken is so-so only. I think it was because the charboiled chicken outshine it. Or else it would have tasted perfectly ok as well. (I think this was RM16+)

Another 2 colleagues had rice, coleslaw, chicken stripes with fried chicken. The fried chicken tasted super fanstastic too!!! Very moist and yet the skin was crispy without the ugh factor due to excess oil. I might order this with the charboiled chicken next time we are there! Oh yar, the portion is pretty good too. Even the guys were feeling full and satisfied. The girls, no need to say lar, of course full but then, the fullness is the nice full feeling. Not those bloated super regretful type of feeling, you know what I mean???

Yap, definitely one of those must go again place. It is located at the LG of the new wing at 1U.


dumb-baker said...

Oh Jen....i just had this BBQ chicken here in!!!!!!I heard my mom said that the chicken were fried in olive oil....heathier choice i guess as oppose to KFC?

What a coincidence eh!

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Baker,
WOW! You had that in LA? Nice or not? hehehe.. I like it alot ler. And definitely much healthier AND YUMMIER than KFC. Although slightly more pricey compared to KFC. Guess we are paying for healthier choice...

Rose said...

Jen dear, a tag for you! come over to my place!! :)

Kok said...

Too bad I couldn't try any of those cause not available here. :(

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
OK..coming over soon.. :)

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Kok,

No worries, you can have them when u come to KL for visit! :)