Monday, December 15, 2008

A long long long post ...I think...

YAHOO!!! GO BACK KUCHING ON FRIDAY!!!!!! Can I dance? Can I jump and skip while I am walking? I think I will have a big big smile etched on my face today and for the rest of the week. Truthfully, I really feel like skipping and float! I guess I will be irritating my friends/colleagues like crazy this few days with my insane happiness. Right, I think I better try to stop irritating you guys with my non-stop happiness. The keyword here is 'TRY' but I cant promise that I wont suddenly burst into songs of joy! Hahahahaha! :P

So, what have I been doing during the weekend? Oh did I tell you that I went back @ 3pm on Friday? Yup, send K to KL sentral as she needs to catch the 5pm bus to Penang. Well, it is actually more like I follow her in her car and then drop her off and then drive the car back to my place. She told me, go out and turn right at the traffic light and then turn left. Follow the sign that says Bandar Sunway and you will come to LDP. And that is how I managed to drive ALONE from KL to my home! I am damn proud of myself! hahahaha...crazy oredi..dont mind me..

Anyway, reached home around 5pm, had suddenly inspiration to cook japanese tofu with the leftover prawn from the night before. Also cooked kangkong with belacan since babe complaint before that it is hard to find kangkong here. That just goes to show that he dont really shop when we go get the vege! Then, preparing all the things to cook at last minute just as he come back, I sat in front of the tv and watch astro.

And I waited and waited and waited....sufficient to say that I was glad that I drove K's car that day instead of waiting for him because turnout he had to stayed back late because of audit. He only reached home around 8pm! That mean that if I had waited for him, I would have waited stupidly in the office for almost 2hours :(

Sigh! Anyway, Saturday, nothing spectacular happened. Babe worked half day. He dozed off till about 6.30pm after we had our lunch. It was a perfect day to laze around the house actually since it rained almost the whole afternoon well into the evening. I, of course, just couldnt resist curling up in bed with a new Stephen King book, Duma Key that I bought from MPH sale. (Super cheap by the way, RM19 for a 600+ pages hardcover!). That is also how I end up dozing off for an hour in bed. Damn nice lar! *imagining this is how it be starting next week for more than 10days!)

After he woke up, we had dinner. We had sliced pork which was cooked in water that double up as the soup. A very simple dish that save time but still nice because it is babe's fav. Actually, a good dish to prepare when you feel like having something simple that is not too oily! After dinner, we went to Ikea in hope of finding another roll of ribbons but it was in vain. After Ikea, we went to The Curve because babe want to look for shirt to wear for Xmas to church (Dont ask me why need new shirt, I also dont know). End up, we only left the place around 10pm when people are starting to close shop for the day.

Went to mamak, shared thosai telur. Went home and watched tv till around 2am. Babe was watching his football of course. Sunday, woke up around 10.30am. I cant seem to sleep pass 11am nowadays no matter how hard I try. Somehow, my internal body alarm clock will ring and wake me up. So, woke up, did the laundry. Babe woke up at 11am. We went for brunch at a nearby coffee shop at 11.30am and rushed back as babe want to watch the UFC finals on the internet tv.

Went out around 4pm to Sunway Pyramid. Wanted to walk around to look for babe's shirt and also toys for the kids. Cant find any, so we went to Subang Parade and Carrefour Subang. Bought 2 mosquito helicopters. Then rush to Kelana Jaya LRT station to pick up K at around 10.10pm. She had to wait for about 15-20 minutes. Damn! Was hoping to reach there before her so that she didnt have to wait alone so late at night! We went for dinner at mamak near my place and I had thosai telur again. hahaha!

When home and babe of course have to 'test' the helicopters. End up, the both of us played around with it and watch Kyle XY until 12. Bath and watched a documentary on Astro about a man in Indonesia who is half man and half tree. I think I will flashes of the guy's image for a long long time. Glad that I was too tired last night to have any nightmares!

EIKS! OK OK! I will stop now. LALALALAALALALALA...OOPS! Sorry..did I just burst into songs? KEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEEKEKK


Gallivanter said...

I can see you dancing from here! Is that the chicken dance? :-P

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Galliv,
No wonder I can feel piercing looks behind me! Not chicken dance, TOMATO DANCE!! kekekekekekekekek

Rose said...

Cham! as long as u dont dance and make fun of yourself in the aeroplane on way back to Kuching, it is fine with me :p

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
Errr..I wont be dancing or jumping in the plane lar. Dun wan it to drop from the sky *CHOI! TOUCH WOOD*). But I think I will be grinning from ear to ear and look like Joker from Batman...