Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This is NOT MY HAND!!!

My colleagues decided to eat McD for lunch today but since I packed food from home today, I decided I better not waste them. I already have 1 container of fried bihun in the office fridge which was from yesterday lunch. So stressed out yesterday that decided that I can't stay in the office for another minute longer even if it is just to eat lunch in the pantry. So, we went out to the food court at 1U. Nothing spectacular but it was good because we can chat all we want in a neutral environment, i.e. basically relax and release the pent up frustration.

Today, my colleague must be feeling the stress because all three of them agreed to go and eat at McD eventhough one of them packed food too. Anyway, here I am, finished my lunch (which I took while catching up on blog hopping), giving myself a well deserve break before the craziness starts again in an hour or so. Actually, I really do need a break I think and hence, looking forward to going back to my hometown on 19 Dec (Hoorrayy....1 month to go!)

So, the reason I say I need a break? After I came back from my business trip to Penang and Kulim on Saturday, I realised that the muscle between my left index finger and thumb is twitching and pulsating. It was doing that so much the whole of Sunday and Monday that my fingers and wrist actually feel tired like being over-worked. So, worried, babe and I went to see the doctor last night. I was told that it was because excessive use most likely due to typing on the computer and when that happens, the muscle just refuse to relax.

Nothing much he can do about it at this point except to give me some vitamin B12 and told me to try to flex my fingers to do some exercise (I think I should go buy a tennis ball to do this). Anyway, he said it should stop by itself in few days. If it does not, then it is time to worry. He also asked if I feel any weakness in the hand or numbness on my fingers. My fingers do feel slightly weak and tired. The tip was slightly numb. Again, he said those should improve once the twitching stop. If not, go see him again.

I am glad to report that today, the twitching has stopped but I keep on expecting it to happen again. Really discerting seeing the index finger move by itself while the muscle pulsate. Brr...I am glad that is over. I can tell you that it is no fun at all. It is almost as if the hand and fingers does not belong to me. Instead, it is doing things by itself. I will faithfully take my vitamin B12, twice a day for two weeks.

Hhhm, I wonder if I can ask for compensation for this? I mean, this is consider a health hazard right? Or maybe I should go and get one of those ergonomic keyboard at my own expense? I seriously doubt the company want to purchase for us.


Kok said...

Hope your finger will get better soon!:)

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Kok,
Arigato ~