Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Some Theory.....

Dunno what to update today. All I know is it is after 5pm and I am feeling super blur after a long day. Morning was super fast with meeting at 8am till 9am-ish. Then we had our short breakfast and back to work. Didn't even realised it was already 11.45pm until I saw my colleague went to the pantry to heat up his food. I brought lettuce, leftover bbq chicken/lamb with salad dressing for lunch today. After we are done with lunch, we went for a walk at 1U. Didn't buy anything lor this time except some wrapping paper to wrap the kids Xmas presents.

But trust me, it was not easy to resist! All the sales! Good thing I am practising/testing a new technique to save money. I am trying not to withdraw too much cash from the bank. That way, everytime I am short of money, I will have to wait and hunt for a ATM before going back to buy it again. Of course, most of the time, I will be too lazy to walk all the way to one end of the building to withdraw money and walk back again to the store, i.e. a clear sign of impulse purchase right???

Feeling extremely tired actually thinking of 6pm meeting. Something that had to be done every Tuesday! How I wish today is Thursday already. Then I will not only be skipping and jumping with excitement and joy but also dancing, irritating and bugging everyone else since they are not taking long holidays or anything like that. But I know lar, they are also excited and happy for me. Drats, this reminds me that I have to update my colleagues and start to past down pending items to them. Was suppose to do it today but somehow, there are just too many things to do.

Somehow, somewhere, it always seems that the week before I go on leave, there are pending items that need urgent confirmation. Seems that people suddenly realised I am going to go on leave for 2 weeks and start to close any action items. Babe also having the same problem. He has been super busy since last Friday. Even when he was working halfday on Saturday, he was super busy. Not like usual, where on Saturday will be less productive. I remember someone tell me that there is this theory. Something about when you want it, it is not there. When you dont want it, somehow it just is there!


Rose said...

I am also blur today after 3 days absent!! hahaha!

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
WAH! SO GOOD! Looking forward to be back n meet up with u all ^_^