Friday, November 21, 2008

Stephanie Meyer - Twilight

Without asking her permission, I copy the Twilight poster pic from her blog. Sorry Thongs beb! But I enjoy the storybook so much that I just can't help be excited about the movie that will be released in Malaysia cinema soon, 12 Dec 2008 to be exact (My sis bday!). This is definitely one of those books that I feel worth buying the actual book instead of downloading e-book from somewhere. In fact, I bought book #2 and #4 first at the MPH warehouse sales awhile back. I think it was on 10% or 20% discount.

Oh yah, in case you want to know what is the whole book series:
Book 1: Twilight (The one that is being made into a movie)
Book 2: New Moon
Book 3: Eclipse
Book 4: Breaking Dawn

Suffice to say that, I have been savouring it to the last drop (oops, page). I started by reading book #2 as part of my light reading for my long wait on my way to Penang for my first business trip to Kulim last month. It is a super thick book with about 350 pages with decent font writing. I managed to finished reading the book on my second night in Penang while eating my Penang Assam Laksa at Gurney Drive.

And like all good planner *smirk*, I bought book #4 with me just in case I managed to finish book #2 in record time. I am sure glad I have the book with me on the haul back because I end up waiting more than 5 hours at the Penang airport. The time just flew by and I actually feel fantastic eventhough I had to sit on those hard airport chair in the freezing cold airport. Even 5 hours, I only managed to finish 2/3 of the book and only got to the ending at home during the weekend.

I guess I knew I am hooked when I actually start looking out for book sale and search for the rest of the books from the series. When I found that book #3 is on 10% discount, even the normally too-much-for-me price tag did not deter me. I look forward to experience the out-of-body experience while reading it that I actually had to force myself to save it for my next long business trip. The most recent business trip to Penang/Kulim saw me reading 1/3 of the book already. Now, I am trying hard to resist speed reading it but instead, savour each and every word that Stephanie Meyer churn out.

And thanks to Thongs, I have all the 4 books in pdf/txt format. Even have the 5th book draft that was somehow leaked out to the public. Thongs told me that the author decided not to continue with the 5th book because she felt violated. Really sad lor because I know when I finally finish all the 4 books, I will not be able to resist reading the half completed 5th book. Then, I know I will feel upset and in daze because wondering and imagining what the ending will be like. If I meet the author face-to-face, I think I will most likely embarrass myself for BEGGING her to tell me the ending of the 5th book *sigh*!!!

p/s: I truly recommend you read the book from #1 instead of doing what I did, #2, #4 and #3......

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