Thursday, December 4, 2008

Resolutions...Do I need them?

Haiyahhhh...this Didi, now she got me thinking of my new year resolution and just so happen, my horoscope also is saying that it is a good year to set my resolution! Look at this:

Your horoscope for December 4, 2008 Today is an excellent day to set some new goals for yourself, Jen Lu. When's the last time you did this? Many think that New Year's Day and their birthday are prime times to make resolutions or set goals - yet this is something that can be done anytime. In fact, it's advisable to renew, rename, and revamp ambitions on a regular basis, as life brings constant change to circumstances. Pull out some paper and a pen and jot ideas down for yourself.

I think I have not been doing a firm goal setting for awhile already. The last time I did a goal setting was when I was in my early 20s. That was the time when I was still very excited about things and gungho about everything that I do. And of course, wants to achieve glory, success and power immediately! In fact, some of the goals were actually achieved. For example, I aim to buy my own house and car (well, on loan anyways but under my own name!!!) before I reach my 30th birthday. And I bought a house with my bro for my parents about 3-4years back when I was 27 or 28 years old.

To get my Masters degree before I am 30. (There are alot of things I want to achieve before I am 30, dont know why lar) I got my Masters in the year 2004, that was 3 years ago when I was 27 years old. Of course, the next was that I want to get my PhD before I am 40 but at the rate I am going, I doubt I will even get started. So, what more to say to complete it. Anyway, I don't know what am I going to do with it even if I do get it. I guess priorities changed with time.

The next goal was to climb the career ladder and reach the management level before I am 30 (Again, the big 30). At first, this seems so impossible because everytime my superior want to promote me, her superior will say, nope, she is too young and don't look matured enough to handle parents and students. Sigh, the trouble with having a babyface. Seriously, this is not a blessing in disguise. People thinks I am in secondary school when I was already 24 or 25! Not fun at all.

But that was beside the point, I have digress from the topic. I did managed to climbed to Head of dept but I only stayed for 3 months because the crazy boss has been transferring from one department to another to do 'clean up'! Imagine in the 2 years I was under him, I was transferred to 4 departments. Once he sees that I have nicely organised and clean up everything, starting to settledown, he will start to dangle the carrot in front of me, empty promises. So, I gladly took the first good job offer that I had which allows me not only to switch company but also industry! That was how bad it was.

Anyway, I also wanted to get married before I am 30 but then I miss that by about a year since I am getting married in less than 25days, that technically puts me at the age of 31~! Don't ask me how is the preparation because I really have no idea! I only know morning is church ceremony, then tea ceremony and then dinner reception, all on the same day. That is all I know lor! So, yap, I didn't achieve that but I don't mind because people do marry late nowadays right?

Of course, the next question would be, when to have the first baby. Sigh!At first, I die die also say first 2 years of marriage, no way pregnant and have baby. Must enjoy life a married couple first and climb the career ladder again. Surprisingly, babe also agrees with me. But hor, now, after seeing the difficulties that some of my friends have to concieve, well, it got me thinking. Some of my friends said, no need to wait. Try immediately after marriage. After all, babies take up to nine months before finally come out mar. Anyway, wont be so lucky and easy to concieve one. That is what some tells me.

WAH LAU! I don't think I can cope with that. Imagine, if really that LUCKY and immediately conceive after wedding night, OMG! I think I will go crazy with worries. How to afford a baby? Everything so damn expensive now. Even when the baby not yet out in the world, have to think about the cost to have it delivered. If natural birth, then not too bad. But what if have complication and need ceasarean! And then, after birth, there is the diapers, milk formulas, clothes, etc. As it is, spending for myself and babe also sometimes not enough in a month. What more to say want to spend for another living being.

So, for now, the plan (not goal!) is still in 2 years time but maybe after marriage, decide to cut short to half and start trying is a year time? OMG! Babe will either freak or jumping with joy when he see this.


Kok said...

You also one who looks like you're a secondary school student? Like this we same same lah. kakakaka.

Ermmm... let God decide whether you'll get a baby after your wedding night or not lah. Don't stress. When it comes, it'll come. :)

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Kok,
Oh yah hor! U also look like a school kid! *high five!*

Yah, but it also mean that we need to take precautions if we dont wanna have kids yet mar. Cannot leave everything to God one. If you just sit there and no nothing, no matter how much you believe in God, nothing will happen too, right?

Kok said...

True also. But now you want kids mah right? :P