Thursday, November 20, 2008


Is it really Thursday already? It felt as if I just got back from my business trip to Penang and Kulim. Time seem to just fly by with hardly much time for me to breath or slow down. Babe is starting to hint that I am getting more forgetful. It is not that I purposely forget to do some of the stuff for him (like picking up his pants from the alteration shop), I simply had too much on my mind and somehow, that is last priority and is stored somewhere in my brain locker. Anyway, I guess I better go and get his pants for him today. Some of his old pants are getting too tight *GRIN*.

I think I am loosing my voice again. Yesterday at work, was still ok. Just some sneezing and abit of coughing. But today, the throat is very itchy and all stuffed up. I was actually starting to fall sick just before I leave for my business trip last week but I think I managed to hold it back with lots of vitamin C. So, now, I think it is back with a vengeance. Oh well, as long as no fever or headache, I should be able to work just fine. Worse come to worst, I will leave early from work today using taxi lor.

Meeting at 8am today and I have a report due for my boss this morning. So, I guess I will stop here. To be continue later or at another date! HUGS ppl!


Kok said...

I also forgetful nowadays lah. How? haha!

Take care there! :)

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Kok,
So not me only lar! Maybe it is the end-of-yr simtom?? :P