Monday, November 24, 2008

Dunno what topic to put...

Arrggh!! Really am not in the mood to work today and it is not just because it is Monday. Been sick during the weekend and especially bad on Friday and Saturday. Basically slept the whole of Saturday (almost) and didn't even follow babe to SS15 to meet up for his friends for dinner on Saturday night. Just not larat (able) to get up the energy to dress up and be civilise with people. Still feeling a little bit under the weather today. I think because I just couldn't sleep well last night. I also don't understand.

By right, with the rain pouring last night to early hours of this morning, I should be sleeping like a log but instead, I woke up so many times that I lost count. I am not sure why am I having a hard time adjusting here. After all, I do love the challenge and andreline high that this job gives me but somehow, each and everyday, coming to work is such a chore that I basically have to force myself to come to work. And once at work, although the time flies by, I look forward to the time to go back so much that I am actually feeling guilty about it.

Even in my busiest moment at my old company, I never felt so exhausted as I felt when I am working here. And I am not be whiney about this because some of my colleagues are feeling the same thing as me too. Our work hour is 9am to 6pm and lunch is pretty flexible as long as we did what we are suppose to do. There is no clocking in and out system here. Everyone is suppose to work responsibly and take charge of our own time management (although, I recently found out that someone was assigned to do spot check to make sure we practice the responsible-centricism).

Sounds like a dream job? I thought so too. So, why in the world do I feel exhausted all the time after work? Is this the norm of working in this place or is it just me? This is making me wonder if it is time for me to change to another line of job.


Kok said...

You sick? Oh no! Drown yourself with lotsa water! Hope you'll get well soon!:)

Seems like you're having same kind of job like mine. But mine is from 7am to 4pm. At the moment, I'm still enjoying my job. hehe.

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Kok,
7am -4pm sounds fantastic to me. Mine is officially from 9am-6pm but I am always in the office from 7.30am. Wish they allow me to go back at 4.30pm ler. Then I can still do alot of things after that.