Friday, December 12, 2008

What to do....what to do...

This are some of the things that I will be bringing back with me to Kuching next Friday on top of the wedding gown, two dinner gown, 1 tea ceremony dress, 1 xmas nite dress, a jean and shorts from US for my dad, wedding photo albums and photos with frame and of course a few other small trinklets for my friends in Kuching. Mom is also asking me to see if I can find anything for her and my sis. I also dunno ler.

Hopefully wont be overweight lar! My friend is telling me that I must not check in the photo albums or gowns in case something happened! I should bring them on board but I am not sure if MAS will let me do that. Sigh!!! Or else I might have to ask some of babe's friend to bring some of the stuff back for us! Luckily, MAS allow 20kg per pax and that is 40kg for babe and me. Or else, I think I will cry myself silly lar. But that still leaves me with the problem of handcarry ler.

I asked babe if we should bring the laptops back since we are so short of space. It is not as if we will use them (much) when we go back right? But to my horror, I found that he is actually thinking of bringing BOTH his and my laptops back! Jiak lak! If he is bringing his back, I will definitely leave my behind.

Then there is the question of staying at whose house when we go back to Kuching. Shall we both stay at my parents place or his OR we both stay at our own place till the wedding day? This is actually a no brainer to me but everytime I mentioned this, babe sounds hurt that I will even consider staying in different place as him. But the way I see it, we will be married and staying in KL TOGETHER for a long long long time. So, for this trip back, I would like to spend more time with my parents and sister and brother. Sigh!! I guess I will need to talk to babe again...

Anyway, I am so excited about going back next week that I can almost literally taste Kuching air in my mouth. Yar, I am excited about going home but still not (yet) excited about the wedding. Sot (crazy) lar I know but I guess we will get excited once we are pulled into the tidal waves by our family. In the meantime, everytime my bridesmaid, Didi, asked me for details on the wedding, all I can say is "I will tell you more when I get back". BLUEK!!!

Ok lar..I share share some of the photos of the things I need to bring back with me:

Rings Pillow
A gift from my longtime friend. Ain't that sweet of her^_^
Seems that everyone is more excited than babe & I at the moment on our upcoming wedding:P

Babe's sister asked me to get ribbons to decorate the church. Found this at Ikea. The only roll left. I need another roll. Must try to go Ikea again this weekend and see if they have re-stocked

The bow tie for babe's nephews. They will be the ring bearers after much bribing from their mom. Now, she is having headache to find a black or grey pants for one of the son. He have size 33 waist and he is only 10...


Ching Ching said...

So excited... I am counting down for your return day too. :P

Rose said...

Oh dear, you would be overweight, i believe! hahaha! Look forward meeting you next week! How time flies!!