Monday, May 19, 2008

A Typical Day in JenJen's Life

This is mainly for the benefit of my friends in Kuching that for sure is wondering how I pass my time here in KL. After all, I been whining and complaining about long hours compared to life in Kuching. So, I guess for their benefit and so that they know how lucky they are to be staying in a slower phase life in Kuching, this is a typical day in my life.

The handphone start beeping, hand roams overhead to search for the blasted alarm and turn on snooze, 9 more minutes to laze in bed.

Babe's handphone beep and he turn on the snooze. Laze in bed some more too!

Babe got out of bed, morning business & bath.
I got out of bed, fill the kettle and turn on the electric to boil the water. Take out a small bowl, scoop 4 spoons of oat in the bowl, open a 3-in-1 tea in a cup. Went back to bed, laze around while wait for the water to boil.

Babe finish taking his bath. Give him his oatmeal and tea. My turn in the bathroom.

Babe with his helmet and jacket, ready to go to work. I just finish bath and sit on the floor, day dream abit and start to put on my face cream, make up, etc. Search for clothes to wear. So bored, everyday wear almost the same but no choice since 75% of my clothes are in Kuching.

Make myself coffee black with half teaspoon of sugar and peanut butter jelly sandwich to go. I usually have my breakfast in the car since it will be pretty slow in the jam or else I will fall asleep behind the wheels!

Check to make sure that I have all my stuff, laptop, charger, mouse, purse, handphone, car keys, house keys and etc. Locked up the house including the gate since the housewife and baby still sleeping. Oh, how I envy them. I told babe that I can understand why she let the baby sleep around midnight instead of earlier. So that she can sleep in also without having the baby waking up early in the morning mar!

Sunway toll. Jam as usual. Took out my sandwich and open the cover of my coffee flask. Breakfast time.

Reached the carpark, parked my cars and start my 10 minutes walk to my office. Debate on whether want to go McD for McMuffin. Reminded myself about my diet! Go to work. Walking thru the shopping mall and hotel.

Reached my office. Take out laptop, charger and mouse from the bag. Turn the handphone to vibrate mode. And daily work start.

The food menu for lunch delivery being passed around. If there is no menu by 10.45am, then we will be eating out.

12 noon
Lunch time. I make it a point to only go out for lunch once or twice a week. Other days, I will bring food from home, i.e. whatever leftover from dinner.

Time to go move my car and park it again. Good exercise since it is 10min to the car and 10min back again. RK & SK, jealous or not??? hahaha

Time to go home. Officially office hour is 9am to 6pm but I seldom come in or leave on the dot. Not much point of doing that since will be caught in the jam.

Home! Changed to shorts and t-shirt. See the housewife need help or not with dinner. Depending to what time the husband come back, dinner might be at 8pm or earlier.

Finish cleaning up after dinner. On the internet tv. Either wash the laundry in the machine and hang them out OR fold the laundry. Sometimes if babe have nothing to wear already, iron....(I HATE THE IRONING!hhmppff!!)

Supper for babe if he wants them.

Take bath and get ready for bed. Watch some more internet tv. Blog and blog hopping. Check emails, etc. Bedtime usually around 12midnight or 1am.

So, long winded posting about my daily activities. Of course, weekend and public holidays is totally different. If there is no work the next day, we might even sleep at 2-3am depends to whether we go out for supper or stayed in the room to watch some interesting movies/ series marathon on internet tv. Nowadays with the internet tv, at least life not so mundane and bored. Not what lar, but the Astro in the living room is either on kids channel or Malay series or recently AF. Not my cup of tea but of course, not my place to say much since it is not my house. So, I am so glad we got our internet already although I dread the first month bill which will come to just below RM400!


Nick Phillips said...

LOL Jen, your normal days sound a lot like mine la, except the walk 10 minutes to the office part ...

Jen's Place said...

Hi Nick,
Actually, good thing it is only 10minutes. There is another popular parking place that is about 20minutes away but do not have to move the car during lunchtime. It is not the 20min walk that I minded actually. I am more worried about safety since it is a long stretch of walk and anything can happened. Alot of snatch thieves and daylight robbery around this area.