Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My Hero!

Simply can’t resist to login and blog a few words today. Babe said something that really touched my heart this morning. It was a simple matter but the thought reminds me why I decided to take the big leap in faith and relocate to KL. It was such a small matter that when I tell you about it later, I can guarantee that you will have either one of this reaction:

What!? Like that only


OOhhhh, ain’t that sweet?

So the story: This morning, had to wake up 15minutes earlier than usual so that I can be the first one to take a shower and get ready for work. Had to be in the office by 8am to sit in the usual weekly conference call. So blur blur me go take bath and by the time I am done dressing up, the water boil liaw in the kitchen. So, I go make babe’s tea and oatmeal for his breakfast (as usual lar). After that, bring both to the room and proceed to put on my make up. After awhile, babe also finish taking shower and changed lar.

We both sit in the room, relaxing before rushing off to work. Then suddenly I realized that my right hand is bleeding abit and quite pain lor. At first, cannot remember where I get the cut. Actually not just a cut. More like a chunk of the skin was ripped off. Ok Ok, exaggerated but it was really pain mar. Showed to babe and then I suddenly remember how I might have gotten the cut! It was when I was trying to open the condense milk can with the blasted can opener. I really really hate those type of can opener. You know, the type that instead of clamping it on and turn, this is the one that have sharp pointed tip that you basically use to cut the can open.

Well, I don’t really know how to use it mar! And always worry that I will cut myself somehow. (yar yar clumsy! Bluek!!!) But this morning since babe was still in the shower, I thought I give it a try lor. And true enough, my hand somehow slipped. At the time I didn’t realized a chunk of my skin was sliced off mar. I was just glad I managed to open the can big enough for me to dip the spoon in for some condensed milk for the oat. When I told babe, he say next time ask him to open lar, don’t open it myself. Wahh sehh!!! So sweet of my babe!!! Usually he will laugh and say me clumsy mar!!!!

There! Laugh all you want...hmmpfff!! Dont care:P

Right! Back to work now. Short posting this one because I can’t help myself and not blab about what happened this morning~! Hahaha…later ppl..mucks!


Nick Phillips said...

Awww, isn't he such a sweetie :D

Yeah, I know those can openers too and I absolutely hate them. That's why I went out and bought one of those new fancy turn around the can type ... hehehe ...

Rose said...

They can be sweet and romantic sometimes when u less expect it!!

Jen's Place said...

Thanks for saying he is a sweetie! I was blushing as I was reading the post!!
When we get our own place, I will definitely be getting one of those that can turn one. Nothing fancy lar, as long as able to open without attempting to cut my artery! hehehe..I think its less than RM5!

Jen's Place said...

YUP! ^_^