Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Away from home & sick......

Really not feeling well today. It started with me having neck pain yesterday morning and it got so bad by evening that I am starting to have excruciating headache which in turn developed into mind numbing migraine. Once the migraine started, I basically start to feel dizzy and having cold sweat. Guess I must had look really pale because babe was so worried and told me to go take a shower and sleep. So, we slept around 11pm last night, which is early for us since we seldom sleep before midnight. Actually, by 10pm I was already lying around in bed taking a rest.

It was definitely most uncomfortable to sleep with a neck and head pain! I can hardly move or turn without sharp pain shooting throw my head. It feels like someone is taking a hammer and pounding my head constantly. At times, it felt like the brain swells and is too big for the skull. This morning, the migraine is pretty much gone but the neck pain has escalated to shoulder and the shoulder blade. Each turn and move will send me wincing. Imagine trying to turn to look at the side to make sure there is no car before driving out.

I am seriously thinking of going to the pharmacist later during lunch break to get painkiller. Generally, I would not take painkillers unless absolutely have to because I suffer from rather bad allergic reaction to some types of painkiller. My eyes will be swollen like the goldfish and I will be so blur that I can hardly do anything. Of course, the allergic medication does not help much either because it basically a sleeping pill that makes you super drowsy and like it or not, you will doze off after taking them.

Today, had to wake up earlier than usual so that I will arrive at the office by 8am for our weekly conference call with our offices in US and Taiwan. I was seriously considering calling up my boss and tell him that I am just too sick to come to work or perhaps come in late. At the end, decided that I might as well come in and if I feel really bad, as to go home earlier. This way, it would not be considered as MC. To get MC, I would need to go to the clinic to see the doctor and I HATE doing that. With this discomfort, I will most likely growl and spit at the doctor! But if it does not get better after the medication from the pharmacist, might not have a choice I guess.

To make matter worse, I absolutely lost my appetite and just don’t feel like eating anything. All I had for breakfast this morning was some bananas and I am pretty sure my stomach will be thanking me later by giving me a big dose of gastric and nausea! I have not been suffering from gastric for a long time but ever since I been to here, eventhough I eat 3 square meals a day, I am still getting it. I am eating smaller portions than usual but I feel full after each meals. I don’t think it is stress though because the work that I have now is pretty relaxing compared to my previous one in Kuching. So I really don’t know what the cause is. I guess I need to start eating small meals throughout the day instead of just 3 meals.

I sure hope that I can last until after our usual meeting at 2pm……

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