Friday, May 9, 2008

Another Friday!

Ahhh….That was a happy contented sigh! Always am happy when the next day is Friday! I feel like going neh-neh-neh, tomorrow not working but I better not. Don’t want my new colleagues to think I am eccentric! I know most of you feel that way too! So, don’t laugh at me okie!~

Today was a pretty relaxing day. Since babe’s friend’s wife is back from Kch and cooks dinner, I decided that I might as well bring leftovers from the dinner for lunch the next day (if there is leftover lar!). This way, I can save money as well as know exactly what I am eating mar. Of course, occasionally I would like to go out with the colleagues to eat too but mostly, I prefer to bring lunch.

Our office here has lunchbox delivery service everyday except Wednesday. Usually around 10.30am, someone will pass around some papers with the menu for the day and another paper to write down the orders. Then based on the category ordered, and then pay accordingly. Pretty clever if you ask me. I wonder if this will work if done in Kch Samajaya free industrial zone. Maybe but the food is non-halal though. But I guess since Kch is so convenient to go anywhere, then maybe it wont work. It is only for poor people like us that find it too expensive to eat at 1U daily and too inconvenient to drive anyway.

After meal, it is the usual walk to the carpark to move the car and re-park to avoid having to pay RM2 for every subsequent hour after 6 hours. The first 6hours is RM1. So, come in to work around 8.15am, drive out around 1pm (that is about 5 hours). Drive in and parked again around 1pm and leave around 6.30pm (that is about 5 half hours). So, usually, parking will be RM2 per day. Unless I work OT, then it will be RM4. I bet this is something that my friends in Kuching can never imagine.

Actually neither did I. When I first accepted this job and came to work, I assumed that we will be provided free seasonal parking in the office complex itself. Instead, I found out that we have to pay for our own parking, i.e. roughly RM150-180 per month! So, you can understand why I am reluctant. Can do a lot of things with RM150-180 wor. Some colleagues here are actually parking at a parking that is about half hour walk from here but only RM1 per entry. So, no need to move car during lunch time.

But after witnessing the snatch thieves in action yesterday, it further confirmed my decision not to park there especially since I will be walking back there on my own in the dark if I do need to do OT. No point risking safety just to save a few bucks.

Oh yah, another advantage about having to re-park the car during lunch, I get to exercise without much pain. I can say that it is definitely working and I actually look forward to my daily walk to my car ^_^

p/s: Sorry sound so boring today. I am sleepy!!!

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