Saturday, May 31, 2008

Short Talk

OK you guys! I made a decision and it is rather important to me. So, I will put it out here for all to read. The last few days I have forgotten the most important principle in my life that I always believe in, which is: The only way someone can get to me if I DECIDED to LET it get to me.

So, this thing with OBG, I have DECIDED that I will not let it get to me. Instead, I will take everything at face-value and IGNORE hints. I will not be paranoid. I will not try to get back at her and most important of all, I will not post mean things about OBG! So, from now on, if I do talk mean things about OBG, will someone remind me and SLAP me hard~! Promise you that I wont press charges! hahaha

(Yeah yeah, I can hear sign of relief because you guys dont have to read my rant and rave about OBG until we move out)