Saturday, May 31, 2008

Why I wake up at 7am today!

Do you ever have that cartoon feeling when the lightbulb suddenly lights up on top of your head like in the cartoons? Well, I did yesterday, I had one of those lightbulb-realization episode and finally realized why things is the way it was for the last few weeks with OBG.

#1 Why OBG keep asking me if I have found a suitable place to move to so often?
At first, I thought it is just friendly conversation or motherly concern for babe & I. Or if not that, perhaps just the curiosity of a cat. Or even if not that, just polite conversation. After all, whoever knows that we are hunting for our own place would ask just to make conversation. However, sometimes I do I feel slightly irritated because she asked the questions SO OFTEN!
Realization: OBG is anxious to get rid of us because SHE HAVE RELATIVES COMING (auntie+hubby+kids) and she wants the room that we are paying RENT for.

#2 Why OBG been showing her super black face?
Her super black face is even worse than the original obi face. I know friends in Kuching simply cannot imagine that but it is true. Imagine coming back from work, open grill/door, she is sitting there with her black face as if I owe her the world, not even smiling when I smile at her or tried to be friendly. After all, we are staying in the same house, so I am the happy-go-lucky and open type of girl. So, I tried to be nice & friendly. I really did. In the end, it is simply too tiring and just give up.

#3 Why OBG been showing her super black face ,part II?
Well, I think she thinks that I should be helping her out with the household chores and cooking in the evening. Generally, I would agree with this and on weekends or holidays, I have gladly help her out. Friends would know that I enjoy cooking VERY much but after a full day starting at 6.30am and only arriving home at 7pm something almost every day, I am just too tired and want to laze around in bed for awhile. However, with her black face, sometimes I just feel oblige to go into the kitchen and cook something. So, what happened? Eat at 8pm something.

#4 Why OBG rush thru dinner last week to finish first?
I thought she just want to go on diet because she been mentioning that she want to lost weight. Then lightbulb realization came to me. I think it was because she thinks that she cooks, I should be doing the dishes, which is fair if you look at it that way. Usually, I will the one that finish eating first and wash up my own plate. Then sit in the living/dining room and watch the news. Main reason is of course to wait for the rest to finish eating and help clean up. If not, I might as well go into the room directly and watched the internet tv. But usually she will wash the dishes and I clean up the table and store the leftover. I don't mind doing the dishes but come on, am I expected to wait at the kitchen sink like a housemaid for dishes after I finished eating?

OBG is a fulltime housewife with a 2-3yr old gal by the way and I NEVER expect her to cook for babe & myself. Not that I am being ungrateful, but given the choice, I think I would rather just eat dinner at the coffeeshop every night and cook occasionally only.

#5 Why OBG been showing her super black face, part III?
Yesterday, babe sms me and said that OBG is asking money for electricity. He forwarded me the sms because I asked him how and when she asked because I didn't hear it the night before. I was so mad after reading the sms that I felt like asking babe to move out immediately if not considering babe's friendship with OBG's hubby. Reason for being mad, well, first of all, why sms? We see each other every day. So, why not tell us directly to our face but this is not the main reason I was mad.
Actually, before I came here, babe & I discussed where to stay for the time being. At the time, babe was already staying here and OBG hubby told babe to just continue staying there even when I am here and to slowly look for our own place to stay, which he thinks would take 2-3months. For payment, out of friendship, the hubby said RM150 is sufficient. When babe asked about other payment for the utilities such as water and electricity, he say it is alright, no need. So, of course, when people said that, RM150 is all that we paid. But imagine my shock when OBG sms to request for the money because she say we have not been paying for the electricity bill to HER for the last two months!
OMG! Are we so cheap that we can't even pay RM15-20 per month for the electricity bill? Why does she have to make it sound as if we PURPOSELY do not want to pay HER! I was so angry yesterday that I was actually hyperventilating. Thank god I have friends in Kuching that I can chat online to release the frustration at! Sigh~!
p.s: I am wondering now if this is her last attempt to get us to move asap?

#6 Why OBG always check on me whenever I am cooking?
I remember Thongs was saying that perhaps she just curious and want to learn how I cook. At first, that is what I thought too. And at first, I believe that was her intention too. But the last couple of weeks, I seriously doubt it. I think she just want to check to make sure that I am cooking using HER food! Sigh~! With OBG mentality, I am able to understand why she felt this way but I never realized how bad it was until she start to hide the EGGS! For godsakes, friends that know me will know that I do not like to OWE people anything, not even a favor. I am extremely uncomfortable to use or eat things that does not belongs to me. If I want to eat something, I will rather buy it myself. If I can't afford the thing, then don't eat. It is just the way that I am brought up.
I am thinking perhaps it is my fault because I set a trend which OBG expect me to maintain. In the first month that I was here, I bought in total 2 big trays of eggs, i.e. 60eggs. The eggs finished in less than a month time. This mean that we practically eat eggs almost every day. And this is true, she would cook soup with eggs, vege with eggs, scramble eggs, omelette, boil eggs and so on. After finishing the 2 trays of eggs in less than a month, I decided to take a break and not buy eggs for a while. Not because I cannot afford but because of high cholesterol and with doctor reporting babe having highblood, it is definitely not a good idea to eat eggs everyday.
So there was a break of one week without eggs in the house. I guess OBG took this the wrong way? She bought one small tray of eggs, 12eggs. Babe did eat a couple of it to make softboil eggs. Then, one fine day, I decided that I want to make french toast, so I BOUGHT a 12egg-tray too. That is when OBG start to hide her eggs. Sigh~! I also don't understand the logic. Don't ask me.

#7 Why OBG likes to come into my room when we are not around?
I don't know about you guys but I like my privacy and to me, my bedroom is the most private area of the house. And my parents always remind us as kids to always respect other people's belongings and privacy. So, going into someone bedroom (even when invited) is a big no-no. However, I discovered that OBG would go into our bedroom when we are at work to CHECK and make sure that we off the electricity. OMG! Are we kids that we don't even know how to make sure that we off the lights and fan when we want to leave? It really got me wondering what else did she do in the ROOM!

# Why OBG put cherry tomatoes and sandwich cheese in the freezer?
This I seriously don't know and is the main reason why I am here at this crazy hour of the morning on a Saturday when I am not working today. It is now 7.57am on Saturday by the way and I started this posting at 7.11am. Woke up as usual to make babe's breakfast before he go off for his half-day work today. Then when I look in the fridge for sandwich cheese which I put together with the cherry tomatoes, I can't find them in the normal place that I left it. So, I thought perhaps OBG moved it to make more space for other things. I looked in the vegetable drawer first but can't find it there. Then I looked at the compartment at the fridge door. Neither can I find them. So, last resort, I look in the freezer! That was when I really want to scold the f-word in front of mother-word.
Either she is extremely kampung-gal and didn't know what is cherry tomatoes and sandwich cheese OR she is just being mean. Which one do you think it is? I am so angry that I will not even tell you what I think because that will mean that I am sinking myself to her LOW LOW LOW level of mentality and HIGH HIGH HIGH level of selfishness and meanest. She makes the devil look kind!

p.s. I am having doubt whether I should post this because she might stumble here and read this. But in the end, I decided to post it anyways because there is not a single lie in what I said above. As you can see, I am very frustrated and give up already. But for the sake of babe's friendship and because I don't like confrontation, I will continue to act-blur and make-dunno. Must find our own place ASAP!


Rose said...

Jen, you are getting into OBG series huh?

dumb-baker said...

Jen, i felt sorry for you. OBG should have understand that you have just recently moved from the east of Malaysia...all the way here...she should have let you adjust yourself to a total new surroundings....hmm...i agree with u...act dunno and find a place of your own asap!!! Anyway, must take good care ya...dun 'fall' because of OBG

Dav DiDi said...


About the kitchen thingy, some gals especially those that NEVER work and is a HOUSEWIFE would definitely protect their territory. It is some kind of "THAT's MY PRIVATE SECTOR" message .. my suggestion is .. you need to forget about cooking in the house for a moment until you get your own space ... I learnt that as right after I stumble into bf's house kitchen, I got 'marked' and her aunts keep on looking at me with black face...

About going into your room .. errrmm, my housemate does that each time I'm back to Kch .. can't help it and she say "just checking" .. it's like some ladies, they would have a pycho that someone's inside thingy ... or just simple curious and having itchy hand ...

Once advice: Be patient OR move out...

Jen's Place said...

*nods* but I am trying to TEACH myself to think from her perspective. Trying really hard not to get annoyed or angry. So, since I DECIDED not to release anger in real life, release it in the blogger world lor! hahaha...

Jen's Place said...

Hi Baker dear,
Thanks for the kind word. Actually, to put it another way, I DECIDED that I will be the more UNDERSTANDING one and let her win lar.....
I am looking for a new place asap. Going to go house viewing tomolo!

Jen's Place said...

Hi Didi,
Yar, guess u r rite abt the kitchen thingie. But then, how to help her in the kitchen if I cant go in there? Dilemma dilemma! :P hahahaha

I have DECIDED that I am NOT going to let this get to me lar. No point bah...nothing good will come out of me bursting..

twosuperheroes said...

poor Jenjen, having to live with ppl like OBG is a nightmare..don't make life so difficult for yourself. If I were you, I would definitely move out. Not that I "surrender" or something, just that I love myself too much to endure such nonsense..

Nick Phillips said...

Jen, move out of there as soon as you guys are able too. I don't think that is the right environment for you anymore. I just think she's being a mean old person.

I hope you guys do find a place of your own soon. That should at least solve some of the headaches. All the best Jen.

Jen's Place said...

Hi twosuperheroes,
Thanks for the kind word! I have actually calmed down since Saturday morning and decided to be nice instead. Like my babe said, dont let yourself sink to her level :P

Anyway, will move out asap to ensure babe's frenship is intake and for the peace of all our minds! Looking at something now. Hope it will work out and you all will be seeing my happy posting about my new place! hahaha

Jen's Place said...

Hi Nick,
Yup, u r rite. The environment is no longer right for us. I think maybe she just cant help herself but be what she is. So, I decided to forgive and forget. Instead, going to be nice and see how that works out.

And yah, moving out asap is the best option! hehe