Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Act Blur/Stupid end Conflict

WOW! What difference it makes when the school is out. The road is practically empty and even the Sunway toll which is notorious for its jam before AND after the toll is not as bad. Almost no jam at all before the toll plaza and just slight jam after. But this morning there was slight jam at the cable bridge though. At first I thought must be because everyone want to get to work and some how leave at the same time since they all take into account that it is school holiday now. But after a while, noticed that the highway patrol pass by and the cars start to move abit. Halfway through the cable bridge, saw this guy sitting and leaning on the wall of the bridge with a bike nearby. He looked like he was in great pain and there was a car stopped in front of his bike.

The highway patrol was trying his best to redirect the traffic away from him. There were also the highway maintenance people there and they placed road cones around him to make sure that the cars do not get to too close. Really pity the guy. He must be on his way to work because he was dressed rather smartly. Of course, this made me send a little prayer to heaven again asking God to keep my babe safe! As I said previously, I was never very comfortable with the idea of him riding bike to work although the bike is not those small bike that people normally use. Not a big bike either. If it was, I would have forced him to buy a car! Damn expensive those big bikes! Anyway, it is one of those fancier versions of the normal scooter bike. Don’t know what the brand is. Never bother to find out! (How ignorant of me!).

After the short stretch of jam, the rest of the road was pretty much clear and smooth. I even managed to reach the parking at around 8.15am (left house around 7.45am). So early but nowadays, with a big company moving into the same building as us and occupying the 6th to 11th floor of the building, another jam to fight would be at the lift. I usually catch the lift at level G but instead of pressing the up button, most of us will also press the down button. Yup, I actually catch the lift, follow it to the basement and then go back up again to the floor that I need to be at. If I don’t do this, basically, when the lift open to go up, it will be so full and you are not sure if you wan to squeeze. Guys of course don’t mind but we girls don’t like to have our bits touched even accidentally ok! (Unless you are a super handsome model/singer/actor..bluek!)

As I was daydreaming, am thinking if I should proceed with my plan to bake shepherd pie this weekend. One of my colleague who also bring food from home for lunch brought homemade shepherd pie yesterday and I been itching to make them since. I even sms babe yesterday to tell him I want to bake it this weekend. Of course, that was before I know his left leg is in pain because of gout. Actually, this is almost a year since the last time he suffers from this. It used to be so bad that that he actually had to use the crutches to walk around. Usually, things like century eggs or super rich food such as imported beef will trigger his attack.

I am not sure what trigger this attack though because we have not been eating those stuff at all except maybe 1 small piece of Australia beef. Really really small piece lar. Of course, he did eat more than usual when I am here. And of course, he has been gaining weight since the last one month plus especially since he is also ‘stealing’ food off my plate whenever we go out for our meals. Previously, before I was here, he was actually losing a lot of weight especially when he was staying with a bachelor friend of his. Then, about one month before I join him, he moved to stay with this friend and his wife, so have home cook food almost everyday. Then when I come over, sometimes when I am in the mood or he is craving, I will cook and he will eat A LOT of rice. I call him the rice tong actually. Like yesterday, I cook one half cup of chicken porridge since the housewife and friend is not cooking or eating at home. And also since babe have gout, so thought cook something light.

End up, I also cook some fried chicken and salted fish. Babe actually ate 3 bowl of porridge! I want to faint see him eat so much. I have not even finish half bowl of my own porridge, he already started on his 3rd bowl. On one hand, I am happy that he likes the food that I cook, on the other hand, worry also because he really gain a lot of weight in the one half month that I am here. Even the colleague that have not seen him for one month commented that he is getting big now. I wonder if I can make him go on a diet with me too and eat less rice! Worried about his health mar!

Anyway, I found out his pain was that bad yet because he can actually tell me he initially planned to have lamb curry for lunch!! HMMPFF! Don’t want to pity him after that. If he can think of eating lamb curry and ignore the pain, then that means that he was not in that great of a pain. Don’t want to entertain or pamper him already! So, shepherd pie plan needs to be onhold first. At first I thought I will go get those little paper cup to use as the mold since I will need to put it into the microwave. No oven at the place I am staying. Still having second thoughts also because the housewife might not be very happy with me tinkering around in her kitchen and make a mess.

Of course, I clean up the mess after that but somehow, she seems to always go into the kitchen and check. Sometimes, she even re-wash some of the things I used. I think we might have overstayed our welcome? I don’t know. Perhaps I am being over-sensitive but to avoid further conflict, I think I will act blur/stupid and make don’t know and start to look for our own place more actively.

Will be going out this weekend to look at a friend place to see if any apartments there are for rent. Going to start cold-calling those advert in the newspaper again too and see if we can get the place that we want. When we did that early this month, most of the agents expect us to move-in June the latest. But babe and I actually planning to move in only in July due to financial reasons. But I guess by this weekend, it would be June already and so when we tell the owner/ agent we only want to move in NEXT month, it should be not too far off?

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