Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My Money have Wings

Alamak! My mind is totally blank! Don’t know what to blog about today. All I know is that the God of Thunder must be angry at something because I keep hearing him playing his drum and beating it so hard that lights are coming out of it. Luckily now is only 4.20pm and hopefully by the time I want to go home around 6pm, it won’t be raining or else I will be looking at reaching home after 8pm again.

Really must get back early tonight because babe & I had an appointment with a real estate agents (yup, with s at the back because will be seeing 2 places). The place is pretty near here but not within walking distance. Need to go and see the place to see how convenient it will be for babe to get to the NKVE highway to go to work. As for me, since it is near to where I will be working, definitely will save a lot on petrol. The agent quoted RM850 and the place have 2 units of aircon, 3 units of remote fan, build-in kitchen cabinet (top & bottom), stove, hood, bedroom wardrobe.

All sound rather attractive ESPECIALLY the aircon! I think I will be the happiest person and will sleep till my heart content the moment we move into a place with aircon! Last few nights has not been very pleasant for babe & I. It was so hot and stuffy in the bedroom although we turn the fan full blast and basically is letting the wind blow directly to us. But no matter what we do or how we turn, we can feel the heat all around us.

I can still imagine the discomfort because sweating and feeling sticky. And we cannot even resort to moving everything to the living room to sleep since it is not our own place. Not nice mar for the owner of the house and his wife to walk out from the bedroom and see the 2 of us in our pajamas (blush!). So, yap, even if we moved into a place without aircon, one of the first few things to buy (together with fridge, washing machine and tv), is definitely aircon!

YAWN!! I am feeling so sleepy. Wish today is weekend already. Or at least Saturday so that I can sleep in the morning while babe goes to work. I know I wont be getting any opportunity to nap this weekend as well as babe already planned that we sent my car and his bike to the workshop for servicing. My car especially is really overdue for am oil change and also babe suggest to change the gearbox oil. I am can imagine another RM300-400 growing wings and fly away.

Actually, we are still in dilemma whether to use fully or semi synthetic am oil. Previously, based on babe’s relative recommendation, we switched to fully synthetic and the car perform superbly but the am oil is really expensive. RM200 for 5 litre which can basically be used for 1.5 times only. But pro is the period is longer before the next oil change if using fully synthetic.

But now, babe’s friend who is crazy about car commented that it is not necessary to use fully synthetic. Instead, semi is good enough. So, I also don’t know lar. I guess we will have a look at the price of both and see which one is more cost effective. As I understand, fully synthetic, 5 litre = RM200, can use for either 6 months or 10,000km before next oil change. As for semi, not sure the price but can use up to 6 months or 7,500km before next oil change. So, I really don’t know. Any suggestions anyone?

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