Thursday, May 22, 2008

Training & Motivation

Whenever Thursday approach, I will always start to feel lighter and somehow the world does not seem like such a gloomy place after all. I guess it has something to do with the fact that it is Friday tomorrow or maybe it is because I am actually LOSING weight?!?!? (For the benefit of RK! Kek si bui?) Nowadays, I seem to have a love hate relationship with my new job. New because I only started working here 14 Apr. That mean roughly 1 month and 8 days ago? Again, hard to believe that it has only been one month since I am working here. It felt like I been here ages. Not sure why because there are a lot of things that I still need to learn. Or perhaps because I have too much spare time on my hand that I can actually blog and blog hop daily? Or perhaps it is because I am feeling tired of my boss constantly giving one of us ‘lesson’ during our meetings?

Whatever it is, as I said, it is a love hate relationship with this job. I can see the job have a lot of potentials and when the volume actually increase, all this system that I am working hard to set up now will actually pay off. But for now, I think I can only see 50% benefit of what I am doing. At times, I feel almost like an interloper that is just sitting here and watching/monitoring the going on instead of being an active participator. An audience, that’s the word that I am looking for. I know that being a matured and experience employee, I should be sourcing my own ways to improve myself as well as review on what other things that can be done to further improve whatever system or SOP that I am working on.

However, I find that due to my limited IT background, the first and foremost things is needed is a training. In the previous company, like most big organization, there is a specific IT team that is solely responsible for program writing to generate reports and monitoring system. There are so many things that I would like to set up for my company but with my limited knowledge, all those need to take a back sit first. Instead, the first priority would be to go for training. Not a whole year course for program writing but short courses that can help me to automate reports and tracking files.

Hence, last few days been sourcing via the internet for training on visual basic application (VBA) and Microsoft visual basic (VB6). At the moment, still can’t decide which one to take up yet. VBA might seem insufficient if I am really required to set up the whole system without professional IT help. But the Microsoft Visual Basic might be too complicated for me. Dd suggest that I might as well take up VB6 since VBA is part of it. This way, I will learn more and not be frustrated because confined to one small area of visual basic programming. After the fundamentals, then can consider if should go for further training for the level 2 & 3 advanced course. My boss has basically agreed to me attending trainings although I am not yet a confirmed staff. But of course, with training, I will be tied for certain period of time depending on the cost.

Too bad I won’t be able to convince RK and SK to join me for this class. Or else, sure will be fun for the 3 of us gals to go training together and have fun after that without the hubbies and kids! Hahahaha. RK and I also have started a new agreement between the 2 of us. We will start practicing our Japanese language with each other starting next week. But first, we need to practice and go through the lesson on our own during the weekend. As I said to her, 52 weekends and 52 weeks in a year to practice. By next year, we should be pretty good at this already! We did attend classes last time for about half year but after a while with RK pregnant, give birth and all, lost the energy to continue lar!

I have so many projects actually before I come here. I thought that I will have plenty of time to kill since there is just me and babe. But end up, I have much less time here compared to when I was in Kuching. So, I must force myself and make time for all the projects. First thing first, start on the Japanese thingie. Hahahaha! So, wish us luck and make sure you all motivate us kaw kaw ok!!!

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