Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wesak Day

I just realized around lunch time that this weekend is going to be a long weekend with Monday being a public holiday! Usually, while I was in Kuching, my colleagues and I would be looking forward to the long weekend and by Friday, most of us will be in a good mood and very relax. Although Friday is usually is a rather busy day for us because that is the day that the customers take into their head that today is the last day of the week and they must finished off whatever the planned to complete this week! That would me 100+ emails and half of those pending action and the other half are inconsiderate people working in the company that decided it is fun to keep EVERYONE in the cc loop!

Anyway, am not planning much for this weekend. Initially, last month I was telling babe perhaps we want to consider driving some where for the weekend. Maybe Penang or Malacca. But now the prospect of couped up the car for hours, romping all over the place and stuffing myself with heavy food just does not appeal to me. Instead, a quiet weekend with babe and maybe cook some food that we both enjoy eating sounds like a much more relaxing plan. Of course, I was hoping that there will be something juicy on the internet tv as well!

On top of that, I am thinking of rearranging and cleaning up our bedroom abit. Trying to make more space in this tiny room. Just to give you an idea how big (or small) is the room, just put one queen size bed and another single bed side by side and it will cover the floor of the entire room. I guess begger can't be chooser. Just have to make do with whatever is available until we move to our own place where we will have the freedom to use any part of the house and sit anyhow we want. As I mentioned to RK and SK once, the joy of walking around the house without a bra! BLISSFUL!!!

Sometimes we just take things for granted. I mean, while I was in Kuching staying with my parents, I never think much of lying around in the living on the sofa.Or take the pillows from the bedroom and lie on the living room floor. And switching tv to whatever channel that I felt like watching as long as mom or dad are not interested to watch anything special. Or even the wonderful feeling of eating whatever you want, whenever and wherever! Gosh! I talked so much about this and I guess some of you must be saying " Go get your own place already".

Well, we did go look around but so far we decided to wait first. I estimated we need at least RM5000 in the first month as rental deposit, rental, tenancy agreement fee, utilities deposit, fridge, washing machine and a tv. (SIGH!!) Babe and I is planning to go see his aunt's empty apartment that is near here. If the fridge and washing machine works, I guess we might decide to move there temporarily. I am not very keen to move there actually because the place have no lift and the apartment is on the 4th floor. Mainly not because of myself but because if our parents come to visit, then it will be hard for them especially for my handicapped sister.

But if we really can't stand it anymore, I guess at least we have the option of going there. Yawnn..ok..dinner time!!!!

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