Thursday, May 15, 2008

Threshold and Me

Yawnnn!!! Feeling so so so sleepy today! Serve me right too. I was having so much fun watch marathon series of Threshold on the internet tv that I sat in front of the laptop for 4 hours straight! Can’t help it especially after not having the freedom to watch the ENGLISH series on Astro for more than a month. The family that I am staying with mostly watch either Malay movies, Malay gameshow, News in Malay.

Of course, 75% of the time, the little gal age around 3 will be monopolizing the tv and watch the kids channel. Albeit, those are in English but I feel rather silly watching animated character going around trying to count one by one the items in the basket. If anyone of us decides to switch the channel, she will start to throw her tantrum, sit on the floor and kick around or cry at the top of her voice.

Basically, this is what she does for everything that she wants but can’t get because she knows the parents especially the mother will eventually just let her have it anyways. And most of time, this is without much fight at all. To tell you the truth, I can never stand kids that are spoiled ridiculously that it will definitely cause more harm for them and good. I can’t imagine how such kids will be able to socialize in the real world. Imagine a 7 year old in primary one screaming and shouting because the teacher told her/him that he/she can’t do some things.

I tell you, if my future kids are like that, they will definitely receive a padapap(smack) from me. Maybe not as serious as a smack but at least reprimand and punishment. But then again, I am saying this now when I don’t have any kids. Maybe when I have my own, I won’t have the heart to scold my kids and also will give everything they want. OMG! If I ever become like that, please make sure that someone kick and slap me to wake me up ok? Or..ermm..less painful, show me this posting because I intend to blog till someone buries me! Hahaha..I wonder if there is internet in heaven~ hhmm.. (kekekekeek)

By the way, Threshold is really nice! It is about a ship in the sea that saw UFO that transmit some sound wave that killed almost all the crew except 6. The sound wave caused the surviving crews' DNA to changed into alien. Anyway, the whole story revolve around a secret government team called Threshold that is suppose to contain the situation by capturing the 6 surviving crews. The 6 crews have imbedded gene in them that makes them want to infect the others with the same killer sound wave and change the whole human population to alien too. And the alien sound is intelligent too because it can duplicate itself on any electronics devices. So, with our world being very dependent on electronics, easy for the alien to infect each and everyone on earth.

The marathon was on a US channel called Sci-fi from 4am-4pm their time. I wish today don’t have to work. Then last night would have watch until the marathon ends. Unfortunately, I don’t have such luck as those lucky housewives, can sleep and wake up at anytime they want. How I envy those ladies. I wonder if I will ever have a chance to do this or not. I know babe’s have the intention but I doubt I will be able to stand staying at home and just take care of the house and kids. I will go crazy with boredom and almost non-existing social life! But I don’t mind the occasional leave to goof off at home while everyone is not in!


Nick Phillips said...

Jen, you're sight when you say that you wonder how kids like these are going to behave later in life when they don't get what they want.

There is such a thing as spoiling a child and there is another thing such as over spoiling a child ...

I'd have given the kid a padapap too ... LOL!

Jen's Place said...


HAHAHA! As much as I wana, unfortunately (or fortunately), that is not my kid and I am not that close with the parents. If it have been my good friends, I wont hesitate to comment. Not because of what lar, because if good friends, we care abt them n the ppl they love, then we will say something....

Hhhhmm........thinking of lure her into my room n padapap her..*evil grin*