Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Budget Budget Budget

As you know, we been looking around for suitable apartment to move into and call our own. We are targeting to find something around July or August time. This way, we can save up first while living at babe’s friend’s house. Also, it will give us some time to look for suitable place with suitable environment, location and especially the rental price. So far, babe and I have seen a few places and sad to say, somehow, one of us will always dislike something about the place. Mostly it is babe lar!

There is a place that both of us like very much but it is really too pricey for us. It is about 15 minutes drive to work for me and pretty easy for babe to go onto the NKVE to get to work daily. The distance is not much different for babe compared to where we are staying now. On top of that, the unit is semi-furnish with aircons, heater, wardrobe, fan, kitchen cabinet, stove and hood. We really like the place very much mainly because it is on a hilltop and the atmosphere is so peaceful and serene. The air is cold as if we are in genting! On top of that, it is very low density and security is tight. However, the rent requested was really too expensive in our opinion, RM850.

I know, some might say that is actually the going rate but I doubt it because we found an agent that told us some of the units there are for sale at RM150,000 to RM160,000. Paying RM850 is almost like paying for loan installments on the apartment with some leftover to pay for the maintenance fee perhaps? And this got babe and me thinking (dreaming) that when we are both more settled down and financially stable, perhaps we can come back here again to buy one of the units. But alas, that remain as a dream for now unless I suddenly inherit lots of mullah from some long lost relatives perhaps??? Hahahaha..wishful thinking..sigh!

Growing up and being independent is no fun! Moving so far away from my parents made me realized how fortunate I was. Of course, I will eventually need to move anyways from the nest but that does not mean that I have to like it right? So many things to consider, plan, budget and worry about. I was just discussing with RK on how to budget for expenses and how she and her hubby share them. Yah, although babe and I not married yet and is just planning to do this maybe end of this year or next year, we are living together. This means that we need to share responsibilities and expenses.

So, I drafted a budget since a long long long time and included the few basic items that my muddled brain can think of. And with the help from RK, actually added a few more items into them. Mainly is to decide how much will be put into a joint account main this purpose lar. Of course, since it is a budget, the aim is to spend less than that and whatever extra will then become our savings. As I said, it is no fun at all being an INDEPENDENT adult. Can no longer go on impulse shopping spree without the nagging guilty feeling or just runaway and do something without thinking of others.

So, this is my list of things that we will jointly share. Did I miss anything????????
a. Utilities – water, electric, handphone, internet, astro
b. Food/ Groceries
c. Entertainment
d. Household goods
e. Maintenance
f. Car insurance & road tax
g. Rent

What do you consider is the best way to share the expenses? Open a joint account and one person become the CFO (chief finance officer), who is usually the wife to control and make sure all the bills are paid. Or delegate who pay for what as long as at the end the total amount is what both person agreed on. I prefer joint account actually because we put in certain amount of money and then we work together to make sure we don’t over spend. And whatever extra will be our savings. Of course, option two will be less hassle and straightforward. Any other ways to do this? Really need some help and advice here.


Nick Phillips said...

It isn't easy trying to budget these days Jen. Even I have major problems trying to make ends meet and wifey and me have cut back on our spending as much as we can but it is always never enough. But I think having one person in charge of the finance would be a great option. That's what I do. It's easier to keep track if one person is in charge of all finances and I let wifey do that for me. She is better at handling finances than me anyway ...

Jen's Place said...

I know what you mean about making ends meet. Sometimes even with well drawn out budget plan,somehow, the numbers just dont match at the end of the month. Mostly is under-budget. And the numbers can be pretty scary too bcos it looks like we will not be having any extras to save for few months....