Friday, May 23, 2008

Family Trip - Not FAIR!!!

Mom called this morning and the conversation goes like this:

Mom: Gal ah (yah, she still calls me that!) we are going to KK this Sunday and back on Friday. JenJen: Oh, ok. You all go isit?
Mom: Yalor. I want to go KL but your dad don't want. He want to go Sabah.
JenJen: Oh. Why go KK?
Mom: Your dad have meeting and your bro will be presenting the them the product. You want to follow?
JenJen: Cannot! No leave yet.
Mom: Want to follow, I ask your dad to book ticket for you.
JenJen. Cannot larrrr. Just start work. Where got leave?
JenJen: Ok lar... Nothing else talk some more tonight lar. Busy...
Put down phone!

AIYEH!! Family holiday paid by parents some more!! How come when I was in Kuching, we never had one of those. I only get to follow my dad for full packed business trip! And trust me, those trips are very packed! Although I do get see the most of Sabah but it is not fun at all because I will be too tired at the end of the day! And now that I am in KL, they are planning a 6 days family trip!! I am so jealous! What a way to start the weekend yah! Sigh!!!

I am going to stop here. You can judge how upset I am from this short short short posting ...~>_<~ hhmppff!!!!!!

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