Friday, May 30, 2008

About ST and OBI!

Just a short one. I really pity SK and the rest of my friends in Kuching that is under Obi. Not only have they not solved the obi-problem, now they have added another someone to the obi-list. I guess I can’t really blame obi since it is only natural for her to hire someone that is very similar to her in terms of personality, outlooks and work attitude. Too bad she did not take into consideration whether ST can work with the others in the TEAM or not. I also pity ST because she is thrown into a job that she is struggling to comprehend and understand.

I understand that after one month, ST is still not trying to understand the ways things work there and the standard operating procedure (SOP). All she does is complaining and finding faults. For example, one day when SK had lunch alone with her since the others all have other engagements, SK told her that occasionally they might have to do overtime especially when there is high volume of order or any issue. However, ST responded that she does not like to do overtime. Geez, as if anyone out there enjoy doing overtime especially since no cash is involved. But any responsible-centric person would know that sometimes this is unavoidable. So, is ST trying to say that she would not stayback to settle her urgent work eventhough it must be done immediately and completed that day? Gosh! What will happen to ppcs then?

Secondly, ST is always checking the answers given by one ppcs with another ppcs. As if to find faults? If she don’t trust the person that is trying to guide her, then how she expect them to be their friends or trust her? Seriously speaking, I really doubt she will be able to adapt and absorb herself to the team. Not sure what is going on but really feel sad because the cs team used to be very strong and always support each other no matter what. Even when we merge with pp, we are ppcs, we are still strong and trust each other. Now, I just don’t know. I am pretty sure that as soon as SK, JB and CK find better opportunities elsewhere, they will jump ship without a second thought.

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