Monday, May 12, 2008

Doggie Tale

I been avoiding any movies that involve animals, especially those with sappy stories related to animals or about animal cruelty. I am even avoiding documentaries channels on Astro about Animal Rescue and so forth. I was not always like this. Usually, I will be the first to ask babe to buy (or download) latest animal movies. Now, some of you might be thinking how come I am so hard hearted? Well, actually, I am not! In fact, I am super duper soft hearted especially when it come to furry small dogs and cats.

But after I had to give away all my four dogs to relatives and friends, I don't think I will have the energy to resist and succumb to my emotion, i.e. cry my eyes out at every sappy animal related movies. Oh, trust me! I will definitely be bawling and crying unstoppable even when I want to. On top of that, there will be that heart piercing sensation with the heavy heart that makes me feel so depressed after every story about cruelty to animal.

One that leaves deep impression on me was during one of the Animal Rescue episode where the rescuer found the owner left their dogs chained up in the basement starve to death! Basically, when the rescuer found the ones that survived, they also found some dog skin and bones laying around! I am starting to have that heavy heart feeling even as I was typing this. I cannot understand how anyone can do that to cute helpless little thing. Sigh..the worse thing is the owner actually have the gale to say that it was his kids responsibility to ensure that the dogs are bath, fed and taken care of.

OMG! Don't the guy have any feelings? How can he just leave the dogs all tied up with no way of escaping in dark wet cold basement starve to death! I am even having images of the dogs gnawing anything that it can get to escape. Maybe those that survived did? I know, that is an image that you hope never to imagine, what more to say actually seeing. I only have one conclusion about this people, IRRESPONSIBLE SELFISH HEARTLESS devils! I was going to say pigs but pigs are too good for them.

Phew! OK! So, I am hyped up tonight. Can't helped it. I was looking through some pictures I taken using my handphone and found of my puppies and dogs. My babies! Oh gosh...I truly feel like crying!

Message for my darling doggies: Tommy baby, your mommy miss you! I hope you are happy with you new owner. Angel, please take care of Tommy ok! I really miss you guys! Should have gone over to visit you before I leave for KL but I just dont think I am strong enough not to cry in front of both of you. I don't even have your pictures to remember you by. Sigh....Hope both of you are happy and living a good doggy life..........*sob sob*

Some pics of Tommy & Angel's babies to share:

The first batch of puppies. All white with long white hair

More pic of the first batch of puppies

One of the more grown up puppy of Tommy & Angel


RaiNboW said...

Jen, the puppy is soooooooooooo cute lah... *mouth watering*

Dav DiDi said...

hehehehee...looks like piggie .. hehehehe .... but cute oh ...

Jen's Place said...

wahh...u drool bcos u wana eat my puppies ahhhh

Jen's Place said...

yar yar piggie = cute = ugly but adorable :P

RaiNboW said...

Jen, i'm not going to eat's so cute. However, i will try my best to kidnap one and make it my own pet.

hehehehe.... *evil laugh*

Jen's Place said...

Cannot DOGnap liaw..I oredi sold them off long time ago....