Thursday, April 3, 2008

I am Haunted

So, finally back and got the picture compliments from Apple Jul. We went to Mr Ho's on Saturday night just before the Toastmasters competition. Actually were planning to join the others from the EXCO for dinner at Causeway. But because of me being caught in bad jam at Kota Sentosa, we end up only arriving at the Crowne Square at 6.30pm instead of 6pm. The food at Mr Ho's, to me, was not really that great. Abit disappointed actually.

As I was still feeling full from having late lunch at RasaMas, Boulevard, I decided to order something light, beef balls. A big disappointment as the beef balls was really really small, diameter about 20 cents coin. And the sauce (in spoon) is just normal out-of-bottle kind instead of prepared by the chef. This cost me around RM10++ (cant really remember the price).

Next, I decided that since I ordered something so light, I must as well spoil myself and order dessert. The Pear in Red Wine caught my attention. And on top of that, Apple Jul said she ever had it before and likes it very much. Good thing I ordered because it is really nice. The pear is soft and has absorbed alot of the red wine. So the color is really beautiful and attractive (as can seen from pic below). The red wine is sweet as they add some sugar to it. Price: RM10.90 , kinda pricey but it is worth every cent.

After that we went to the Toastmaster District Competition. It was rather fun and learning experience because we get to see the six best of the best to speak on stage for 5-7minutes. From this, you can see and judge the difference between very good speaker and those that were not well prepared ones. At every kind of competition such as this, it always inspire me to achieve and to one stand on the stage and compete as well. But alas, I am too lazy to discipline myself into preparing and practising the speeches over and over again. Because I heard that is what it takes. One contestant for humorous speech competition ever told me that he practice EVERYDAY for at least ONE hour one to two weeks before the competition. Jiak Lak! I dont have the determination:P

Anyway, after the that, we went for round II at The Bing! Just sitting around, drinking non-alcoholic drinks, eat cakes and read fashion magazine. Then suddenly Apple Jul shouted excitedly while reading the magazine. Guess what she saw? See the pic below, do you see the word 'OBI'? OMG!!! I AM HAUNTED BY HER! CAN I have no peace even when I am out with my friends and be reminded of her? What the heck is OBI-STYLE?????? Apparently obi mean sash in Japanese language. And so obi-style is the sash type of belt. Like that also can

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