Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Home Alone

Going to send babe to LCCT tonight. He is leaving on the 10pm flight. So, we have to leave house by 8.30pm. Luckily AirAsia have online check-in or else we would have to leave even earlier since travel time is about 45-60minutes from where we staying now. His friend that we are staying with going to follow us so that I wont have to drive alone back alone after dropping babe off at the airport.

I was feeling rather glad and gleeful the last week because babe will not be here for the next few days. But today, dont know why, suddenly feel sad and melancholic that I will be alone here. My hormon must be still going crazy from the move, weather and environment change. Seems to be bumping into things too. I am starting to get big black ugly bruise on my arms and legs! I was telling my friends back in Kch that I am even walking into walls! DONT LAUGH! This is serious!

Babe say it is because I drink too much coffee but I will only take 1 cup per day and sure that is not too much right? Ok, so the coffee is Ipoh White coffee that is super strong and rich without sugar but then, it is still coffee mar! Maybe the coffee have those fake sugar in them. I know that if I have any of the fake sugar such as equal, I will become very clumsy and start to bump into things or fall down without much reason! I guess I better switch to the normal nescafe with coffeemate just to be on the safe side!

On the high note, babe and I finally applied for Streamyx. Was told that I will only be able to use them in 1-2 weeks time. The phone line application will take about 7 days and streamyx 3-7days. So, only have internet to use in the 2nd week of May!! Initially, we thought that I will have the internet to occupy myself for the next few days. But looking at things, I think I better stock up on books or something. Or else I will be bored to death and when babe come home, he will find pak chi (idioto and stupido) at home! hahaha..

But I never expect applying for internet to be so expensive for the first month. I was told that I will get 2 bills, one for streamyx and one for phone line. The streamyx bill will be inclusive of 2 months advance billing, ie. RM110 x 2. Also RM75 for streamyx deposit and RM10 for stamp duty. Then for phone line, RM75 for deposit and RM26 for phone rental which will only be charge for the first month we do not have the Streamyx yet until AFTER we got the phone line. If you ask me, I think it is stupid because it is suppose to be no rental for fixed line promotion, so shouldnt streamyx and telekom be working together???? I know, it is not alot of money but it is the concept mar! No wonder we never prosper.....

hhmm, I can always go WINDOW shopping at Sunway or 1U (those are the only places that I dare to drive to at the moment!!) but that would be putting temptation right in the way. Especially since my salary this month will be just enough to pay for everything plus my car servicing. Been putting off servicing my car for abit too long I think. The car start to grunt and seem really hard when it climb even the smallest hill. On top of that, the pick up is really slagging! Actually, I am worried that something is seriously wrong with the car. I guess I can only pray.....

OK! I will be a good gal and stay at home for the next 4 days and NOT go on a shopping spree! (YAH RITE!!)


Anonymous said...

hi Jen
Wow! You are paying so much for your streamyx? Why don you request for their Combo package that they are on promotion now? There are a few Combo package to choose from. But wonder if they are only for Sarawak here or throughout Msia. Maybe you can check with them and save you a lot per month.

Jen's Place said...

Hi Irene,
I am applying for the combo package but that was what I was told I need to pay for the first month. So, 2nd mth dun pay anything since 1st mth oredi pay. Guess this really gives meaning to: Susah-susah dahulu, senang-senang kemudian....