Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend and Monday

I officially HATE Monday. Oh, I use to dislike Monday because it means having to go to work and face the idiotic obi. But then, it is only dislike and tolerable because I will be able to catch up with my colleagues/friends, get out of the house and go online. However, this morning I positively absolutely HATE Monday! I have not had such strong feeling since I fell in love with my babe. So, friends, you know how seriously I feel about this hate thing today!

How I wish I can wipe off Monday from the face of the earth but then it would mean that I will hate Tuesday instead. I am even wishing that I can be a fulltime housewife for a change. How I envy those ‘tai-tai’ that can wake up at anytime they want, take their sweet time to pamper themselves and getting all the sleep that they want! Yah, I feel so sleep deprived that I was actually getting the dizziness this morning accompanied by pounding headache.

This of course makes me regret the outing during the weekend but there is nothing I can do about it because my eyes and brain simply refused to let me sleep longer than it feels necessary. And this mean about 7-8 hours of sleep, MAX. After that, no matter how much I toss and turn in the bed, I just fall back to sleep. Mind you, we slept around 3am on Friday night (ermm..Saturday morning) and woke up at 9.30am. And then around 3am on Saturday night (Sunday morning:P) and woke up at 11am. Babe seems to be having the same problem. We used to be able to sleep thru the day until the sun is shining brightly at our butts.

Perhaps it has something to do with age? Or maybe because there is something about the room that we are sleeping that does not allow us to sleep without a care in the world? Or maybe it is because babe was so excited about our first weekend after the first week of me working there that his excited vibe rub-off on me and hence, unable to sleep? Am I confusing you? I am confusing myself.

You see, on Friday, babe informed me with a straight face that we will not be sleeping early tonight because we will be going out for supper around 11pm-ish because he do not want to waste the weekend sleeping early. Before I am here with him, he will usually just stay in on weekend nights and sleep rather early since there is nothing much for him to do.

Sometimes, he will go out with his friends but cant do that every weekend mar. And some more, most of his friends not crazy enough to go out with him to supper at 11pm-ish eventhough it is weekend. Some more, his friends don’t stay that near. With me, we can teman (accompany) each other to go wherever we want at whenever we fancy lor. So, he say like that, how can I say I don’t want because very tired and sleepy ler. Like RK said, he really really miss me! Hahaha..

So, Friday night went to supper around 11.45pm. Went to this mamak shop that serve fantastic tandoori and roti naan. I had Maggie goring ayam (Egad! FAT! Haha). Drank teh tarik halia. Then on Saturday we woke up around 9.30am, did the laundry and then we went out around 11am to try and find a public bank that open on Saturday. But cant find lor. Then we went for our brunh at Puchong area. I ate fish head beehoon again. Cant seem to get enough of that stuff. So nice! After that we went to Sunway Pyramid.Babe wanted to look for a windbreaker for him to use when he ride his bike.

After walking round and searching for more than an hour, babe cant find the windbreaker that he likes (or he found some he likes but don’t like the price! Haha). So, in the end we decided to look for Shilin Taiwan Snack House for the oyster mee sua and XXL Fried chicken fillet. We found it among a few other Asian food stalls in the new wing. And trust me, we WILL NOT be eating there again. So stingy!!!! Usually when we have the oyster mee sua, the bowl is filled to the brim with mee sua, and then topped with oysters, lots of chicken bits and parsley. But the one at Sunway Pyramid look so pathetic that I just lost my appetite. So, in the end, only babe eat lor and we share the fried chicken. RM6+RM6+ RM5 (for soya milk, the only thing that they cant destroy by being stingy since it is bottled drinks!)

By the time we got back, it is already almost 4pm. Babe and the friend that we are staying with left for a IT mall near PJ. I was just too tired to follow and decided to stay at home and try to nap. Haiyah, ‘auntie’ visiting mar, very tired! The next day, we woke up around 11am. I made American breakfast (omellettes, sausages, beef patty and toasted bread). After that I did the ironing while watching The Incredibles.

Then around 3pm, we went to Ikea to try and hunt for a small desk for the room to use for our laptops. Ate the Swedish Meatballs and drank 2 cups of coffee with milk. The coffee is RM3 with free refill by the way and taste like cappuccino. Last time have a few different type of coffee lar, espresso, cappuccino, coffee with milk, etc but because Ikea wants to cut cost, so only one type. Total damage at Ikea (not including food), RM88+. Tried really hard not to buy much lar since no place to put yet mar. Wait till babe and I get our own place!

After that we went to Coldstorage and Branded Outlets. Babe got a bolster cover and sitting pillow for RM40.40. Went to coldstorage to buy some vege for dinner. We also bought 6 pieces of sushi (2 unagi sushi and 4 salmon sushi) for total RM7.80. Rather cheap and the salmon very very nice and fresh! You can really taste the salmon and the rice is abit on the wet side but goes really well with the salmon. The unagi is also not bad but I find it abit too much sauce/gravy (?).

Rushed and reached home around 8pm. By then, the friend must be starving! Hehehe! The friend’s wife went back to Kuching that morning and we promise the friend that I will cook dinner. The poor fella must be extremely hungry but then I found out that he don’t really eat chicken. AND almost everything I cooked that night is chicken! Chicken with ginger and oyster sauce, ginseng chicken, curry chicken and broccoli with chicken sausage. Kasihannya! Luckily there is eggs and he end up cooking some omellette!

WAHH I AM SO LOSO!!! Soooo soooo sooo long this posting! Hehehe. But just want to share how I spend my first weekend here after working for one week. I will try not to write such long posting in the future (TRY LAR, not promise! Bluek!!!!)


Nick Phillips said...

Wow, what a weekend you had, ya? And the post, so long some more, trying to compete with my long winded posts, ah? LOL! Just kidding.

I absolutely hate Mondays too, especially today when my clients have been calling me non-stop all day. Can't even blog in peace ... LOL!

RaiNboW said...

walau eh Jen, ur post is super duber long lah today! Took me so long to read from start to end lah.. ur weekend seems like very interesting le.. How i wish i can eat supper there. Miss the food there lah

Jen's Place said...

Hi Nick,
This is what happened when I dont get to blog at anytime I wnnt. So must make sure I squeeze EVERYTHING that I can remember into one posting per day! hehehe...

Jen's Place said...

hehehe..tis is wat happen when I dont get to talk much at work and trying to squeeze everything into 1 posting! hehe..

Luckily because of walking so much, no weight gain but some weight lost without too much!! hehehehe...

Anonymous said...

hi JenJen
So long din drop some comment. I was in KL (Company training) on Sunday till Wednesday.. staying at Sunway Pyramid Hotel, so only shopping at the Sunway Pyramid. Ya ... I did go to the Shilin Taiwan Snack House for dinner with my Colleagues there I ordered the Lo Bak rice.. yeak... so fatty, My colleagues ordered the oh ah mee sua.. terrible also... so few oh ah and so small. Next time you must go to try Wendys when you go there. Just opposite Mc Donalds. Their Burgers are delicious, so is the Fried chicken.Yummy. Long queues lah during the weekends. Talking about the Ikea Swedish meatballs.. Im still craving for that. Too bad whenever in KL no time to go else where. Hiaazzz..
Ok... enof lah... still craving for the meatballs...
Maybe next time when have the chance to go training again.. shall we meet?
Irene (still remember me???)

Jen's Place said...

Irene! Of course I remember! Shilin have Loh Bak rice???? I heard the seafood tempura is not bad but I havent tried it yet. I think maybe the rental at Sunway is very expensive and the owner of Shilin there try to cut cost:(

The Ikea Swedish meatball shrunk actually. Much smaller than when I first had them but still yummy! If you order that, dont forget to change the fries to mashed potatoes (DROOL!)

Yar, let me know if you coming to KL again. Let me have your email and I will email you my contact number ^_^