Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Can I BITE Someone???

I am so so so so sick of my vendors! I never remember treating my customers this way, ie. with much irritation and rudeness. Of course, behind the customers, we will grunt and complaint like crazy about their ridiculous request and remarks but we never do this in front of them. After all, no matter how small the order the customers place, they are the ones that indirectly (or rather directly?) pays our salary. If it was not for customers, we would be have our jobs in the first place, right? So, I truly cannot comprehend when the vendors are so rude! Imagine that the moment you start to questioned him about delays and so forth, he will start to give you a big sigh and then explain to you like you are an idiot.

Or worse, simply choose not answer your calls! WOW! I have yet to meet such horrible service before. I find it hard to believe that this company is so big that they dont care what their customers think? Or perhaps it is the problem with engineers not having any EQ or customer service skills? If this is the case, then it is really too bad because all employees that deals with customers must have some sort of EQ or customer service skills! OR at least is POLITE! OMG! The more I think about it, the more angry I feel.

Imagine having one delays after another and each time after one delivery and guarantee that the similar reasons for delay will not occur, the following week, they will provide you with the very same excuses! To top it off, my boss expects me, someone who is just starting my third week of work to make sure that the mistakes or mis-planned by my predecessor done are cleaned up! Really really really ridiculous and unreasonable! OK, so it makes me try harder and check more aspect of things but I am new, I have no ideas those things were not done.

As someone that is new, I am suppose to take my colleagues word that things are done, confirmed and approved. And not checked and double check everything once again right?? GGGGGRRR!! I am getting gastric because of this people. Sigh! I need to be less of a perfectionist or else I think I will cause myself super duper stress! Ok lar, go home. Already 7.15pm. Wonder what time I will be home today...

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