Sunday, April 6, 2008

Going to Burst Soon

I am sooooooooooo FULL!! And I am an idiot! To write something about going on diet and the next thing I know, I stuffed myself silly at a steamboat buffet. But the steamboat buffet was simply amazing! It is a new place, well not so new but new concept at this restaurant at RH Plaza called Suan Teen Steamboat Buffet. They boasted having over 80 different items for the steamboat and at just RM18, the quality of food they serve is really worth it. Imagine mussel at buffet! Ok, so it is frozen mussel but who cares, it is still mussels! I had two and between mom, dad and bro, they demolised about 10 mussels total?

There are black pepper lamb and normal marinated lamb too. The lamb are marinated and cut into about 3 x 3 inch each and they are really tender and yummy. It does not have those weird smell that sometimes lousy lamb meat tend to have. The beef, let me tell you about the beef. Slices just think enough to cook quickly on the hot pan but it is so tender and delicious that we just couldnt stop eating them. And next, of course there are prawn as big as babe's thumb, crabs, clam, fish, calamari, and a few other seafood.

Other yong tau foo such as fish balls, crabstick, assorted dumplings, glass noodles, seaweed and so on. You know, the usual stuff. There are chicken too and bishop nose. Dad commented that at least they clean the bishop nose properly, i.e. cutting off where need to be discarded. And guess what else they have? Pork! Three layer pork sliced thinly, pork chop, pork liver and other high cholestrol inerts of the pig. This is the first steamboat buffet in Kuching that is actually non-halal. Even hornbill which caters to foreigners is halal. So, BRAVO! Too bad babe is not here or else he would have concentrated on the lamb and pork!

Actually, the main reason that I am so full is because of mom! I only made two trips to the food counter to collect the food that I want in the portion that I know I can finish. But mom, she just couldnt resist taking more than she could handle. And so, end up, I had to help to mop up some of the beef and lamb. No, I am not giving myself excuse for eating so much till my stomach is so bloated that a simple slap on it will make me feel like bursting! Ok, so I could have just leave it there for her to handle but I feel like being nice. After all, I will be flying off in just 2 days time.....

Of course, the moment mom sees me start packing, she will start to show her sad teary face to me. She has accepted the fact that nothing can stop me from going to KL to work now but she dont have to be happy about it. In fact, she been bursting into tears at the most simplest stuff and I am really feeling so stressed up. But just thinking about my babe, I guess this is the sacrifice I need to make. I know that if mom/dad start to show me their teary face at the airport, I will start too~! Yar, despite all this, I know I will miss them miserably and be terribly homesick. Airasia has not lost my business eventhough I have moved over to be with my babe! In fact, I think they might have gained more business because of me because mom is already planning a trip to KL to visit me in the next few months!

So, am I happy? Of course I am. I will be with the man that I love so deary. Will I regret this relocation? I do not know yet but frankly speaking, I know that no matter what, I will always be able to see the positive side of things. I am a lucky gal actually because I have fantastic support from people around me. Look at my family and my good friends. I know I can always rely on them no matter what.

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