Saturday, April 5, 2008

What is Low GI?

I was reading the Reader Digest from Oct 2003 on an article that caught my attention, i.e. "Hungry All the Time? How to turn off the switch?". Wahhhh so nice ah, can turn on and off like the switch light. When I want to feel hungry, just flip the switch to ON and when I want to lost weight, become OFF. Hhmm, does this mean that it works, I will be rich selling the secret formula? Didi & Shannen, want to know the secret? If want, must treat me super expensive meal. Erm, maybe not meal lar since suppose to be on diet, maybe a gold anklet? hahaha..

Ok lar, I be nice lar because I sayang you all so much, I share share with you. Apparently, the lower GI (Glycemic Index) a meal is, the longer you will feel fuller. GI is the indication of how fast a meal drives up your blood sugar. The faster the food that you consumed drives up your blood level, then the faster the blood sugar level will drop too. So, those drinks like cola will gives you fast energy and kick but you will feel like eating again soon. So, logically, food that releases sugar slower to the blood will help to curb hunger. Therefore, the lower the GI, the slower you will feel hungry. Anything under 50 GI is consider low, 50 to 70 is medium and above 70 is high.

So, the article states that there is 5 simple rules to beat the hunger and they are:
1. Be wary of White
Food made from white refined flour such as white bread(73), croissants (67), doughnuts(76) have high GI. There are also white veggies such as instant rice (72), baguettes (95), potato chips (75), baked potatoes (85). The exception to white rule includes item such as diary products (40 or less) and almost all pasta (40 to 50). So, get started on MILK and DRINK UP!

2. Eat Healthy Fat
We always know that olive and canola oil is good for you but it also have low GI. So, try cooking with those oil instead. Eat snack such as nuts, make sandwiches with cheese and peanut butter or avocado (using whole-grain bread of course). Eat lean protein such as fish, chicken, some lean beef and beans too.

3. Eat fibre
We hear this all the time but fibre helps you to feel full faster. That means eating food such as whole-grain bread (53), long grain such as basmati rice (55) and of course most vegetables and fruit score low GI as well. Same goes for unsweetened fruit juice. Be careful of dried fruits such as prune and dates (103) which have very high GI.

4. Snack smarter
Try snacking on Peanut M&M (33), Snickers (53) or chocolate milk (34) instead of jelly beans (80), colas (87) or other carbonated drinks. Another good choice would be soy beans (18).

5. Think balance
Last but not least, it is not a single food GI that counts but rather the overall of the meal. For example, if you are having salmon or chicken, a side dish of baked potatoes is acceptable as the total GI of both food divided by two will be in the low or medium range.

Personally, it seems too good to be true actually. Imagine snacking on Peanut M&M?? But I am willing to try it. Who knows it might work. If you are interested, click here for a list of the GI index for a few food items. And if you want to find out more about low GI diet, click here.


headsteadi said...

Try Atkin's Diet

Jen's Place said...

Hi headsteadi,
Heard about the Atkin when it was a big huha...hhmm..wonder if it works. I mean, the books on Atkin is really pricey! So, what is pricey usually works right?

headsteadi said...

I can email u the .pdf if u want. My friend was fatter than me and now he's slim, wearing size M. I dropped 10kg doing atkin's before my wedding but now I stopped because I'm lazy.

Jen's Place said...

Hi headsteadi,
WOW! That is amazing.Wonder how hard it is to follow this diet. Hhmm..maybe eating healthy and exercising is more the key? Thinking of starting up yoga and aerobics again once I am in KL. Did that here in Kch and rather enjoy them:) all I need to do is settle down first...