Friday, April 18, 2008

I have Survived!

The time is 12.46pm and I am counting down to 6pm today! The weekend is finally going to be here. It has been a rather long but short week for me. Long for obvious reasons, traffic, new job, new environment and meeting new people. I have never been very good at meeting new people actually. I guess in a way, I am kind of shy! And if it is avoidable, I would not ask to join any social related activities without being asked first. On top of that, I most especially do not want to look upon with pity as the naïve new girl that does not have any friends. Hhmm..pathetic ain’t it? But I can’t help it lar! That is the way I am mar….

Short because I can hardly believe that I am already in KL for about one half week and worked for a week. Luckily, we have unlimited access to the internet in the office and I do not have a boss that is constantly breathing down my neck (SK – bluek!!!!) Having said that, although I have unlimited access to internet, I do not have unlimited free time. I am not sure if this is the norm here but my boss seems to be expecting that I know EVERYTHING from the start.

This is my first week and he is already asking me questions and for updates as if I been working here for ages. But I guess this is good because it prompted me to prepare a tracking file immediately. This way, I will not be caught off guard. I never like to reply a question asked with “I don’t know”. If possible, I like answer at my fingertip. My ex-colleagues in Kch will know very well the way I work. I tend to be little pushy sometimes (OK OK! MOST TIMES! BLUEKK!!) I just want to get the work done as soon as possible mar so that I don’t have worry or think about it after that. Is that wrong?

Anyway, back to my current boss. In this five work days, I have seen him scold, or maybe not scold because that word is too strong. He didn’t shout or anything. I guess more appropriate is reprimand? But he does not do so without reason or simply scold without knowing the details (unlike someone that I that I know called OBI!) He is also very willing to share his knowledge and make sure that you understand. Sometimes engineers can forget about communicating effectively and starts to talk in jargon. But he did not do that and that is one more point up in my book. Perhaps it is too soon to tell but I think he is alright lar! At least definitely 100% better than that someone!~

No food catering here today. So, I decided to go and move my car and try to find the Shilin Taiwan Snack House for the oyster mee sua. I was pretty lucky because I just happen to parked my car at the right side of the building and the moment I got out of the lift, I was able to find the shop almost immediately. At first I was abit worried about eating alone (yar yar, eat alone cannot ah? Bluek!) but there are plenty of people sitting by themselves and eating alone too. Plus the waiters are super friendly and nice. And most important, the oyster mee sua is so DELICIOUS and as good as I remember it. Only one thing though, the price has gone up by RM0.50. So paid RM6 for the bowl of oyster mee sua….


Dav DiDi said...

wahhh .. rm6 ah .. expensive ho cost of living there ..

my breakfast + lunch today ... Rm2.90 ")

Jen's Place said...

but it is really nice mar! And I dont tis everyday. Usually my lunch is less than RM5..hehehe

Rose said...

I remember the first day i started work, my former boss scold everyone in his office so loud that it shit me out! hahaha! Thank god i continue to stay and never think of leaving the company! How naive I were that time

Jen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
hehehe...yeah, been there too, the naive eager to please fresh grad that just started the first job. Stupid lil some1 that the boss can count on do to all the unwanted jobs without much questioning.

Glad to grow out of it though!