Thursday, April 3, 2008

Three more Working Days in Kuching

Phew! Finally back in Kuching and back to work today. Dad sent me to work as usual this morning ever since I sent my car to KL. (SK DUN laugh and call me kindie ah...). My car finally arrived on Tuesday evening in good but not so clean condition. But I am not complaining (much) since it is just dirt and babe promised that he will send to carwash before I get there. I must say, this freight forwarder is rather cheap compared to others and the service is not bad.

At first, I was rather wary as I have never heard of the company before but as the price was really competitive, I was thinking that the worse that can happen is the things I ship together with my car does some disappearing act. Most of the shipping companies that I asked, to ship a car in the container range between RM2500-3000. But this shipper only charge RM1600. And of course, they also offer to send the car right to the doorstep, which I did for RM80. I am not sure but I think that is alright (from Port Klang to Bandar Kinrara area). At least I dont have to worry that the car cant start because the battery is dead due to long disuse when I collect them from port.

So, that is one thing settled before I go over. I have actually packed the rest of my stuff yet for my flight next Tuesday (packing as in putting all the things that I am thinking to bring in one place, i.e. my bed!). As the mountain grow bigger and bigger, I realised that some of the stuff can actually go together with my car. Oh well, no choice. If too heavy, then I will leave them here for babe to bring when he comes back for a short trip end of the month.

Yup, he is coming back on 30 Apr. Initially he was suppose to be back till 6 May since I have yet to get a job when we book the cheap ticket. That would mean he need to take 3 days leave. But now that I am there (wink!) he will basically be back just to go Sri Aman to see his grandma and grandpa. So no need so many days lar. Must remember to check the website later to try to change the date to fly back to KL. See how much that will cost. Better than the whole ticket burned mar.

Last two days was really tiring. Imagine waking up at 5am on Tuesday and start the road trip at 5.30am. Then we stopped around 7.30am at Lanchau (sounds like bad word doesnt it?:P) for our breakfast. The food was nothing to brag about but it was something to fill out hungry guggling tummy. Then off we go to a school that dad and mom had to cross the river using sampan (boat) to get there. The people there told us the boat fare is RM0.30 per trip which is reasonable. After all, that is how the boatman earned their livelihood right? But does that mean that they can take advantage of citydwellers that never been to such places and charge my parents RM10 for return trip????????? Geezz....

It is now 11.25am and I only managed to continue with this posting! G-man called for short chat at 10am and then invited the whole team for lunch later. Still thinking where to go but no matter what, dont want My Restaurant lar! Tomorrow going to go there again^_^. 10.30am had the out-terview (exit interview lar) with the HR boss. That went well, professional and yet bring across the point that I want to present without sounding like I am trying to stab someone's back. But I really really really hope that something will be done for the benefit of the team. The damages might be irreversible if nothing is not done soon.


Lorraine said...

hi jen jen,

i am a girl from kuching and will be working in kl soon. i was surfing on the internet to look for car shipping companies and i randomly came across your blog.

do you mind to give me the name, contact and the website(if they have one) of the shipping company that you used and also companies that you considered?

i know this is pretty random but i really appreciate your help! thenks:)

best regards,

Jen's Place said...

Hi Lorraine,
WOW! Another Kuchingnite going to KL to work. Which area will you be working in?

Of course I dont mind sharing the shipper information with you.
Company name: Master View
Contact Person: Mr Ling
Hp: 012-8864313
Office: 082-258660

I dun think they have any website address through but you can call Mr Ling up to enquire more, especially to request for a quotation.

Hope this helps! All the best to your new job ^_^

Lorraine said...

hi jen jen,

I will be working in PJ. Its my first job so I am really excited about it :D

Thank you so much for the contact and all the best to you too!


Jen's Place said...

Hi Loraine,
Wah PJ owas jam I heard. U will stay near there too? I am working near 1U area:)

Lorraine said...

yea, don't scare me any further. i'm a really bad driver even in kuching. haha. and i also have an "amazing" sense of direction.

i will be working at temasya industrial park in july. many things to settle..especially the looking for a place to stay part.

i have not read much of your blog but its really funny. keep it

Jen's Place said...

Babe told me I will be doing the driving the day AFTER I arrive while he sit in the passenger sit. Gulp! Trying to imagine driving from Puchong to 1U....I think I will close half eyes most of the time..

*blush* Glad u like the humor^_^