Friday, April 25, 2008

My Addiction and Paranoia

I know I should have updated something in the blog yesterday but was feeling really lazy to do it. Perhaps this is the next phase of blog addiction? I mean if I forever feel high about blogging, don’t that make me kind of insane later? Ooppss, did I offend some bloggers out there? I am not trying to say something idiotic like our politician that made some rather idiotic comments about bloggers ah! I am just trying to understand my blog addiction, that is all.

I mean, when I was here 2-3 weeks ago, Roy’s friend’s house does not have wifi or internet at all. I was not even able to find any unsecure wifi around for me to ‘borrow’. In the beginning, I made babe promised that he will bring to places with wifi so that I can update my blog, check emails and complete any of my assignment. But in the end, I didn’t lor. Only managed to check my blog after more than a week and that also at another one of his friend’s apartment that thankfully have internet. Wah, really online till song song (satisfied) ler! Hehehe

Anyway, I am very pleased that the office have wifi round the clock and no matter what time I come in or leave, I can access the internet. Of course, being new and all, I don’t really have that much time to blog more than once per day. So, I usually make the most of it and try to cram everything into one posting! And hence, sometimes the super duper long posting especially after a long weekend.

I arrived at work really early today. Not intentionally but somehow when I parked my car, I realized that it is only 8.05am! I left the house at the usual time but I noticed that on Fridays, usually the traffic is not that bad. I actually breeze through the Sunway toll. Usually, I will be stucked there for minimum 20-30minutes for the 1 km stretch of road but today, I think it was less than 10minutes and I am through to the LDP highway. I was in fact able to drive about 70-80kmph all the way to work.

Rather pleasant way to go to work but not sure if it is a good idea to arrive at the office so early. This would be the first time I arrive here and all the lights in the office are not on yet. The central aircon only comes on at 8.30am but that is ok because the office has not warmed up yet since still early in the morning. Then I proceed to make myself a cuppa of hot chocolate and help myself to the cream crackers in the pantry. Really relaxing but I don’t think I want to do that again. After all, no point coming in so early and your boss don’t even know about it.

The company actually does not have a specified person working as HR. So, there is basically no attendance report. Of course, if you were absent, your superior will know. But if you come in late or early, or leave on time or stay back, unless the boss comes in earlier than you or leaves later than you, there is no way for him to know that you are actually here and working more than the required hours!

But I am happy tomorrow is the weekend! Didn’t realize how happy I am on Fridays until my ex-colleagues in Kuching laughed at me for being so happy. Tomorrow babe and I will be going to one of the low cost apartment near here to have a look. It is on the 9th floor and rental approx. RM600. The current tenant will move out after May and so just nice for babe and I since we plan for Jun or July to find a new place.

But I am actually having 2nd thoughts as some of my colleagues here commented that the place is abit complicated because there are a lot of complicated people staying there and nearby. I understand that most of the tenants are students or foreigners. Two of our foreign colleagues that stayed nearby and walked to work everyday actually got robbed once when they were walking back around 6-7pm. And also stories of cars being stolen and so forth.

Frankly speaking, after having my car window broken once, I am abit phobic whenever I woke up in the morning. I always imagine me walking out of the house and the car is not parked outside the house where I left it! Or I imagine that I cant find my car when I go to move it during lunch time although that possibility is very slim since I parked in the mall parking bay. However, you never know mar! I am thinking of locking the car with the brake lock no matter where I park the car from now on. Abit troublesome but better wasted a few minutes on that than having the whole car gone!


Nick Phillips said...

I'm always the first one in the office. I like that short period of time when I can have the office to myself before anyone comes in. And the fact that I stay 10 minutes away from my office is also another reason why I'm always early ... LOL!

Have a great weekend, Jen.

Jen's Place said...

Hi Nick,
I can only dream of being only 10min away from work. But hopefully we like the apartment that we will look at this weekend. Only 10min from my work place too! Then I can wake up at 8am and leave the hse at 8.45am and be here before 9am! WAHH DREAMING OREDI! But will be far for my babe, he works in Klang near Jln Meru.

Dav DiDi said...

Wahhhhh ..

I use to lock my car using the steering lock & take out my disk player .. hehehe .. even if it's only out for 30 mins for lunch ... unless, I park at place where I can see the car .. :) even at my own house, i make sure i lock and player is taken out ..

Only in office, I just locked .. not even use alarm .. hehehe ..

Jen's Place said...

Wah how come in ofis u din use alarm? Better to use ler. U never know the ppl in company is how one...

Yar, I am learning to lock and alarm and everything^_^