Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy Monday?

My muscle ache! Specifically, it is my leg muscle that is aching. Nope, I have not start jogging as I have intended to previously but rather this is from the shopping marathon with babe during Saturday and Sunday. Imagine on Saturday we went to walk around 1 utama from 5pm to 10pm. And only finally arrived home around 10.30pm! And on Sunday babe said go to IOI at Puchong for a short while only. And end up we walked from 3pm until 8pm. Ouchh!!! I asked babe he is not tired meh? He say he legs feel like giving up because walked too much but since I didn’t say I was tired, he also pretend to be manly and keep quiet lor!

AIYEH!!!!! So kek tiok! I actually prefer to stay at home during weekend if possible ler. I purposely went out on Saturday morning to the nearest supermarket and did some grocery shopping while babe was at work so that we don’t have to go out in the hot sun after that mar. And perhaps only go out around 4.30pm to meet up with the agent that will show us an apartment at Pelangi Utama Apartment! Instead, after looking at the apartment, babe said that since we are so near to 1U, then we go there for a walk and see if can find his windbreaker/jacket.

So, at 4.30pm, we went to look at the apartment. We actually went to the wrong place and droved to Pelangi Utama Condominium instead of the apartment. The moment we drived in, babe immediately said that he don’t think this is the apartment because the security is so tight at the place. To go in, the tenant must have a swipe card. And visitors must register at the guide house stating the units that they want to visit. So we called the agent and he redirected us and told us to drive further in.

The moment we arrived at the place, babe and I immediately wanted to get out of there. It is definitely NOT an apartment. To us, it should be under the category of FLAT. True, it has many floors and lifts. But there is absolutely no security at all and basically, you will need to park at your own risk. However, since we already made the appointment with the agent, we decided to might as well just view the unit. Babe didn’t even want to go in! hahaha! So, right out, we inform the agent we are sorry but this is not what we wanted.

Actually, I think the moment the agent saw us, he already know that we will not be interested. The disappointment on his face was so obvious and after we left, babe and I can’t help but laugh at our own silliness. Guess we must be expecting too much and when any deals seem to be too good, it most likely is. But hard to resist when we heard that there is apartment that is 5min from 1U with rental charge of RM600+ per month. Still keeping our options open. We don’t really need to be 5min from 1U. I mean, we both have transport. So, somewhere abit further is ok as long as convenient for both of us!

Gasp! Was just telling my friend that we spent approximately RM300 during the weekend. This is including food and stuff. Grocery was RM100 and meals was RM50. Not sure where the rest of the RM150 went to. Need to start digging out the receipts and do some accounting. Need to sit down with babe and discuss how much each of us should contribute to the household expenses such as groceries, rental, food, etc. I always believe that it is good to do this when both of us are earning incomes. That way, no one can say that it is unfair or whatever later.

I have the excel table all drafted out already actually just that, when go home, lazy to take out the laptop and on it! Must make sure I do that before babe goes to Kuching on 30 Apr. By the way, MERDEKA!! Hahahaha….glad to have some time for myself for awhile. Don’t get me wrong, I love my babe but sometimes just need time for myself to do my own things. Which reminds me, I must start looking for a Toastmasters club to join if I want to continue my progress there!

OK LAH, enough of my mumbling! Oh yah, I finally applied for my Streamyx yesterday. Phone line plus Streamyx application will take about 1-2 weeks! Sigh! So slow but better late than never!! hehehehehe!!!

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