Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I did something really stupid this morning. I forgot that my boss ask me to sit in a conference call meeting at 8am so that I can understand more about what is going on in the company. Actually, I did remember that the meeting is at 8am but I forgot that I have to LEAVE EARLY to get to work at 8am! (That is how blur I am lor!) Didn’t do that on purpose lar. I only managed to sleep around 1am last night. It rained again around 7pm, the time that I left office to go home. So, naturally got caught in the jam again and only reached home around 8.15pm! By then, I was numb, tired and just wish to go to bed.

It was still drizzling then and when I reached the front door, I realized that I left the house key in the car (car parked outside the house under the rain). Instead of running to the car under the rain again, I shouted and call babe to open the door for me. But after 5 minutes, there is still no response. So naturally I thought he is not home. Perhaps went out with the friend since the friend’s car is not parked outside the house either. So, ran back to the car with my laptop bag, handbag and everything, retrieved the car key and ran back to the house again under the rain WITHOUT umbrella.

Once I let myself in and walked into the room, discover my irritation when I saw babe sitting nicely in front of the laptop which is on the new table that we bought from IKEA on Sunday, enjoying his computer game! EGAD! And he said that he didn’t hear me calling him to open the door for me. How can??? I think the next door neighbor must have heard me calling him because I can hear someone walked to the front door and open the door to check if anyone is there. GGGGGRRRRR!!!!

So so so so so tired and angry but when I see babe pitiful and guilty face, I straight away become not angry already (yar yar, I am so softhearted!) No wonder he always bully me! Next time must be meaner to him so that he will appreciate me more. Hhmm..but I don’t want him to feel frustrated and irritated too because I always get angry or nag right? But if I don’t, then he will assume everything is fine! Aiyeh, dilemma!!!! Do also not right, don’t do also hard!

Anyway, this morning I finally reach the parking area around 8.05am. So I thought not too bad, 5 minutes late and walk 10 min to office, so 15 minutes late. Late is late but at least not too late lar. And clever me thought to save some time, I will parked near the lift at the top floor of the parking. Discover my horror when I discover that the lift is not functional yet because it is still too early. EIKS! PANIC BUTTON!!! After I calm down, I thought, ok, walk to the next floor and get into the mall. After all, I don’t want to be in the stairway where all the horror stories of girls being robbed and raped happens!

But another bad luck! The door is still LOCKED TOO!!! OMG! I end up walking from 4th floor to LG. Then went into the mall finally and walked up another floor to G before finally walking to the connecting door of the building that is next to my office building. By the time I reached the office, I was already 25minutes late and I really hesitate to walked into the conference call especially with the BOSS OF ALL THE CEOs in the meeting too! Good thing that my boss laptop is with him in the meeting room and I sent him a msg via skype whether I should still sit in the meeting. (By the way, I did join lar in the end. Meeting ends at 9.15am)

With that adventure of the day, I just can’t wait to go leave office at exactly 6pm. I am planning to drop by one of the supermarket to buy some green vege to cook soup for dinner tonight. After eating out so much last few days, I am craving for something more homey. Already sms babe to take out the pork from the freezer once he is home. But still thinking how to cook the pork. Lazy want to cook just cook with soya sauce (imported or shall I say smuggled from Kuching by the way) and ginger.

Oh yah, I have also started looking for a new place of our own. At the moment, we are keeping our options open and haven’t decide which area we want to stay in yet. But I don’t think we will stay in Puchong area especially with the daily jam to and from work for me. So, if anyone can recommend any good place in between Damansara and Klang area, then I would greatly appreciate it. Preference would be if apartment, must have lift and house is fine. Price range: RM600-800. Damansara area is pretty hard to get anything less than RM1000. So, no choice but to stay further I guess…


Nick Phillips said...

RM600-RM800.00, you're right D'sara is just too expensive. Have you tried Sunway area? But then, that place is also jammed la ... in fact, everywhere in PJ/KL is also jammed.

Jen's Place said...

Hi Nick,
Heard of a place nearby that is RM600-650 rental per mth. It is suppose to be the low cost apartment that the developer of high cost condo is suppose to build? Not sure how is it. Will go and have a look at it with babe this weekend. It is within walking distance to my office!