Saturday, April 19, 2008

Dreaming On A Saturday Night

I can now understand and appreciate the joke about being gloomy and having Monday blues and being the perky cheerful person once Thurs and Friday approach because that is exactly how I feel yesterday on the way back from work. I was so happy that it is finally going to Saturday tomorrow. Because this would mean that I can sleep as late as I want at night without having to worry not able to wake up the next morning to go to work. It would also mean that in the event that I do really sleep late and woke up early due to the blasted body biological clock that acts as the alarm to wake up at the god damn wee hour in the morning, I can relax and not drive anywhere if I dont want to! hehehe...

In fact, babe and I actually went out, just the two of us, to have our supper around 11.30pm last night. Went to this mamak shop that is famous for its tandoori chicken and roti naan. After rushing around for a week, learning the route, calming my nerves, fighting the traffic jam and trying to proof to my boss that I am capable without being a show-off, I finally am able to relax and chit chat with babe. One of the things that I truly miss was the us-time that seems to have been pushed aside in the hectic life. Somehow things like doing the laundry, ironing and rushing seems to be our main focus during the week. So, was really glad to catch up with babe.

And of course, while chatting and discussing our future plan, the talks will turn to our hope of moving out from his friend's house into our own. As I mentioned previously, it is not that we dont appreciate the kindness of his friend to put up with us and let us rent a room in his house for a while. But rather, babe and I like our privacy too much and hence, we respect the need of privacy for others too. So, with the mortgages that I currently have for the house that my bro and I bought for my parents in Kuching, guess the only alternative for us would be to rent a place.

Although sometimes I feel that it is better to just buy a place and pay the mortgages every month. If you think of it, you will realised what an irony it is. After all, the renters are the one that is giving money to the house owner to pay for the house that he or she will own in the end. Of course, if the renter the problem with having enough money for down payment is one of the biggest roadblock for those that wish to own a house. Oh well, I can dream can't I.

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