Tuesday, April 22, 2008

CS at Public Bank

Didn’t cook last night. Lazy! Babe also say no need to cook mar. Just go out and eat. So of course I listen to him lor! Bluekk!! Anyway, I ate fried loh su fun, SOOOO NICE!! It is abit wet wet one and fried with soya sauce, pork, liver, prawn, cuttlefish (YUP! Amazing rite?) and beansprout. After finish cook and plated, the helper will add one big spoon of deep fried pork fat bits on top. Wahh sehh, I been looking for this type for so long ler! As far as I know, only Jln Alor serve this kind of fried noodle, i.e. top with crispy pork bits. After babe tasted my fried loh su fun (he ate almost half of my share), he straight say tapau (pack) a packet for supper. His fren did the same after tasting the fried pork bits! I think babe will for sure gain weight lar!!:P hahaha..

Yawn!!! Can’t believe that I am still yawning although I slept at 10pm last night and sleep like a pig (according to babe lar) until this morning almost 7. Didn’t even hear the alarm go off before babe switch it off. Only managed to wake up when I hear the water running in the bathroom! Can’t believe how well I slept actually. Took my sweet time to get ready this morning since I only need to leave around 8.30am to go to the bank and open my savings account for my salary bank-in.

Actually managed to sit in the living room and watched channel 703 on Astro and have my breakfast. Even made my lunch before that. Nothing fancy lar. Just simple egg sandwiches only. And breakfast was coffee and condensed milk on 1 slice of bread. Am eating my lunch now actually in front of the laptop. Given the choice, I rather have bread and/or salad/fruits for each and every meal but I think babe will pengsan from not enough food and craving for rice! Hehehe..

The Public Bank only opens at 9.30am and since I left house around 8.30, I reached the place and parked before 9am. I thought it open at 9 mar because I thought most banks does. So, there I was, getting rather irritated with myself for not calling first. Instead, there I was wasting time waiting for the bank to open. When the bank finally opened, I was the kiasu number 3 in the line! Hahaha.. The customer service being customer service was rather efficient and fast.

But once I was redirected to the teller to get my passbook and atm pin number, I started to get really really pissed off with the gal there. The girl took my forms and instead of proceeding with whatever it is that she needs to do, she CHAT WITH THE TELLER NEXT TO HER FIRST! And the whole time, I was standing in front of her and trying to be patient and nice~! I was even smiling at her but all she does is IGNORE me and continue chatting. JEEZZ! Not only that, she was really taking her sweet time to pass the form to her superior for final approval and issuance of atm pin number.

In fact, I actually asked her how long this will take because I was in a hurry. Instead of telling me nicely, she rudely tells me to wait for the atm pin number! That got me glaring at her and little good did that do because she proceed to IGNORE me some more. I mean, she could have explained nicely to me and tell me how much longer I need to wait and why I need to wait. By the time I finally got the atm pin, passbook and my IC back, it was already 10.20am! (At this point I really feel like cursing but since I am a lady, I have deleted them! Hahaha). Can’t believe it took me almost an hour just to open a new savings account.

So, I end up getting to work at around 1045am-ish lor this morning. Just sit for awhile nia oredi 12 something and time for lunch. Can only go back around 7pm ler tonight to replace this morning. Hope that this place not so lonely at the time or else sure I will scare myself for no reason one! Bluek!!!!!!! OK ENUF from me. I promised not to be so long winded in my posting! Hahaha..so short short nia ok……


Nick Phillips said...

That's Public Bank for you. I've had some nasty experiences in my time with them. As far as I'm concerned they're the most useless bank around! Glad you finally got your stuff settled.

Jen's Place said...

Hi Nick,
I can never understand how an organization that is providing service to the public do not train their front-liner to be better customer service person. I mean, it is so simple, give the customer your full attention and smile! That is all it takes...

I am glad I got my stuff done too or else I will be extremely broke when next week comes along and I dont receive my pay yet:P