Thursday, April 17, 2008

4th Day and Going

YAHOO!! THURSDAY! Finally! I think I will be even happier tomorrow when it is FRIDAY! Really looking forward to the weekend so that I can sleep as long as I want and only wake up when I feel like waking up. Starting to feel really tired with the daily commute to and from work. I don’t think my friends and colleagues in Kch can imagine how tiring it is. So, do allow me to describe them in detail my daily workday activities.

I wake up around 6.30am (eventhough my office hours is 9am-6pm) and went to the kitchen to boil hot water, layout 2 cups and a bowl. The cups are milo for babe and coffee for me. Now even more so, I don’t think I can survive without coffee. Need that to survive the nerve wrecking jam which I will describe to you later. So, the bowl is for oatmeal breakfast that babe and I sometimes share. If I don’t feel like it, then it will be for him only and I will just have my coffee. While the water is boiling, I will take my shower, brush my teeth and wash my face.

Babe also wakes up at the same time too and immediately went to do the washroom to do his morning business. A habit that he acquire don’t know since when. Must go early in the morning. As for me, unless I really really have go, I would rather wait till I get to the office and go to the washroom here. Much much more comfortable and less cram! And I can SIT down on the toilet seat to do my business instead of squatting over a toilet bowl at the house. Hei, can’t blame me for being choosy about the toilet ok! I simply simply cannot stand 2 types of toilet, i.e. DIRTY toilets AND the squatting type.

Ok, enough about toilet. After shower, changed to office clothes. By then, water boiled, so make oatmeal, milo and coffee. Bring all 3 to rooms and leave on the floor in front of the fan to cool the drinks down abit. Babe also finished his shower around that time too. So, we both sit down to have our quick breakfast. Babe will leave for work around 7.15am. And I will only leave around 7.45am. After babe goes to work, I put on my make up, do my hair, check my stuff to bring to work and then go also lor.

Then of course there is the jam. The worse one is at the Sunway toll. This is where you either have to be very very brave or crazy when you drive or else you will be stucked for a long long long time. There is 2 lanes for smart tag user (this is a machine that you buy a device with pre-loaded amount which of course you can reload and attach to the car. Just drive thru the toll and the amount will auto deduct. No need open window to pay,etc). 2 lanes for touch and go system. (A card similar to pre-paid card concept which you can buy from anywhere. This one have to open window and waive the touch and go card at a panel. And then the palang will lift and you can pass thru). And many many cash lanes. Don’t know how many. I didn’t count them.

Anyway, the smart tag lanes are suppose to be the fastest for obvious reason and then logically, the touch n go should be pretty fast too compared to the cash lanes. However, somehow, it is the complete opposite. I think perhaps because everyone taught the smart tag lanes is faster, so they all use that lanes and cut few lanes when almost at the toll to either touch and go OR cash lanes. Really really really irritating ler. But cannot really blame them also because once you are about 500m from the toll gate, there is absolutely no more guiding lines on the road. So basically, it is free for all.

Then of course, on the way, if lucky, pretty smooth all the way. But you never know. Some days, you might be ever so lucky and come to work much earlier than usual and other days, you are lucky if not half hour late! Once here, need to find parking. Then walk about 10minutes to office lor. During lunch time need to walk 10min to the car to move it and then park. And another 10minutes back to work. Then finish work around 6pm and another 10minunute walk to the car. So total, 40minutes exercise daily!

Ok lar, enough of my rambling! Not going to bore you with anymore of this boring stuff:P Time to get back to work!


Nick Phillips said...

Welcome to the famous traffic jams of KL. I know how bad it is at the Sunway toll. I don't know why they build highways, make you pay for it and then get stuck in a jam, silly right? But don't worry, after a while, you get so immune to it you don't feel it anymore ... hehehe

Jen's Place said...

People actually get immune to jam?? Never even know that is possible!