Sunday, April 13, 2008

Cold Turkey

Right enough for now. I am at another friend house and he has kindly let me use his laptop to go online.I am feeling so deprived! No internet, not much of Astro to watch and basically the four wall of my room most of the time. On top of that, I think my babe's friend does not like to open their windows. Not sure for what reason. The house is a single storey terrace house and super super stuffy because no movement of air at all. Dont get me wrong, I am grateful that they are willing to put us up in their house.

Eventhough we do pay some token to them as rent and as much as possible, contribute to the meals by buying food and so on. But I cant help imagine when we get our own place and able to turn on the fan and open all the windows to let the air in and out! But that would have to wait first to find a place that is most convenient to the both of us to go to work. On top of that, getting our own place would mean spending alot to get our own stuff and so on. Money, money, money! Really easy to overspend here. Imagine we went out for grocery shopping yesterday and spend more than RM100. Cant even remember much what we bought actually.

OK back to my internet dilemma, thinking of getting streamyx towards the end of the month. Babe is rather excited about the prospect of being able to go online again unlimited! And he has been playing with the laptop since yesterday, even late at night when I was sleeping. Guess he too am having withdrawal syndrome! Almost a year without all those things that I mentioned above. So, cant blame him for spending almost the whole afternoon playing Football Manager. Maybe I should do what Rose did, limit his usage of computer to just alternate days? (Better scroll down fast before babe starting reading behind me and see this!)

So, tomorrow will be the first of day of work at the new place. Babe went with me on Wednesday to try out the road from house to work and back again, once in the morning and then another time in evening. Then the next day went on my own in the morning to make sure that I can do this alone. I am proud to say that I was able to do it without much difficulties! YEAHHH!! ahahaha.. So the real test will be tomorrow whereby I will have to drive there AND find the parking.

Oh yah, the parking...sigh. I went to the office that Wednesday to ask my new colleague where is the best place to park. Apparently, there is seasonal parking but it cost RM150 per month for parking just between Mon-Fri. If for Mon-Sun, then it would be RM180! OMG! That is more than RM6 per day! Then she suggested parking at one of the shopping mall nearby where it cost RM1 for the first six hour and subsequent hour will be RM2 every hour. So, what she and most people will drive the car out during lunch time and drive back in again. Alternatively, can also park at the old wing of the shopping mall for RM1 per entry but that would mean a distance to walk.

I guess I will try the RM1 for the first 6 hours parking and check out the RM1 per entry thingie too. Definitely wont be able to afford to park right in the building at RM150 per month. I am not cheap but I simply am not willing to throw away good money just to park the car nearer. Might as well walk. After all, the exercise is good for ME! hahaha..Of course, if the company subsidise the seasonal parking thingie, I dont mind parking right in the building and not getting the exercise! BLUEK!


Billy's Mom said...

Wah, you are a brave girl Jen! Congrats on your new job and good luck! Take care!

Dav DiDi said...

Jia u!!!! and welcome back!

Jen's Place said...

Hi Billy's mom,

hehe..brave ah? Nolar, terpaksa:P But I am glad I took the decision to relocate^_^

Jen's Place said...

hahahah...definitely need jia yu