Monday, July 28, 2008

The Weekend I turned into a Tesco Fan

YAWN!!! MONDAY BLUES!!! Really having Monday morning blues and wish that I can take leave and sleep till the sun is shining high on my backside. I am feeling so sleepy right now that if I have the gut to lay my head on my arm on the table, I bet I will fall asleep in 5 seconds! Yah, that is how sleepy I am right now. Not so sure why because I sleep fairly early last night, around 11pm (yar, that is early for me ok!) and woke up at the usual 6.30am today.

Of course, last 2 days was sleeping till around 11am-ish. Perhaps that is why I seem to be suffering from the over-sleep effects from the weekend? I heard somewhere that if you sleep too much, you will actually feel more tired than rested. If this is true, then I know exactly why I feel so tired. On Saturday, after babe gone off to work around 7am, I went back to bed and promptly fell asleep till around 11am. Then I prepare lunch and clean the house abit. Babe got home around 1.30pm that day.

We had lunch and then both of us watch abit of internet tv and poor babe must be very tired. He fell asleep on the living room floor halfway thru the movie. I turn off the movie so that babe can sleep more soundly and went to the bedroom with my book. The intention was to read my book in bed, something that I always enjoyed. Instead, after a few minutes, I too doze off! I slept till about 6pm and babe only woke up at 7pm.

We had our dinner from the afternoon leftover food. Then decided not to waste our Saturday by staying at home. Since one of my colleague told me that we should try Tesco brand oat and blackcurrent cordial drink, we thought since that is the nearest to us, might as well. Of course, we forgot that it is Saturday and the place was really packed with people. But guess what, we didn't regret it at all. In fact, I think this might be one of those fruitful shopping that we both came back feeling rather satisfied.

Why? Because we found PORK at a reasonably ok price at Tesco non-halal section. Pork belly per kg RM16+ and if you prefer the organic type, RM23+. I think so far, this might be the cheapest pork that we find at hypermarkets. And the streaky bacon is around RM3.45 per 100g compared to Jusco which is RM4+. The pork choice here is not bad too, minced pork, lean meat, intestine, stomach, rib and so forth. Yup, babe was so happy that we decided to be faithful Tesco shopper from now on! He even talked about apply for Tesco member card now.

There are also wide choice of vegetables and fresh produce there. Although I think the fish and seafood section hygiene and freshness quality can be improved. The poultry section is pretty good and there were a promotion for whole chicken during the weekend. We bought the Tesco brand blackcurrent cordial drink at RM6.99 and it tasted absolutely like ribeena! Actually I thought it tasted better! Tesco brand Oat 1kg for RM5.99, which is almost half the price of normal Quaker Oat and there is no difference in taste and texture at all actually! Aiyah! I better stop or else you people will think I am being paid by Tesco to do promotion. (I am not lar but if they want to pay me, I wont say no :P).

Sunday, babe and I woke up around 11am-ish again since we both slept around 3am watching internet movie (what you guys think we are doing huh?!haha!) I actually woke up at 8.30am because babe was SNORING! Yup! He was snoring and this is actually the first time I hear him snore. I think it was because of the aircon we had on that night. It was so loud that I had no choice but to move my pillows and blanket to the living room and fall asleep there instead. Of course, babe denies that he snores when I told him the reason I had to sleep in the living room! HHMPF! Nevermind, next time, I will record them on my phone and use them as my ringtone for him! HAHAHA!

Anyway, Sunday, cook pork with leek, ginger and kicap (soya sauce). Pork intestine with mushroom and ginger. Huang ti mei with garlic(a type of vegetable which literally translates as king of sprouts). Chicken with salted vegetable soup. Didn't take any picture of the food though. Forgot plus the food are common homecook food. So, I didn't bother. Don't want to bore you guys with them anyways :P

After that, rest and watch more internet movie (Matrix, The Revolution! Hahahaha). After that, we went to Ikea at around 4pm and only came home at around 8.30pm. Heat up leftover from lunch for dinner, eat, laundry, ironing, more internet movie and then sleep at around 11pm. So, that was how the weekend went. Pretty routine but as you can see, we are settling down rather nicely at our new home. In fact, if I have the choice, I think I rather stay in every weekend or just go for walks instead of going to the mall. But babe cannot tahan stay in. So, we go out lor! Sigh.....


Nick Phillips said...

Yes it's true. If you sleep too long you wake up feeling even more tired. Trust me, I should know, I love sleeping and sleep way too long at times and wake up feeling like an old man ... LOL!

Jen's Place said...

Hi Nick,
So, there is some truth in the phrase: "Sleeping your life away"

But but but.. I LOVE SLEEPING TOO! If I dun get enough sleep during weekend, I know I will have a horrible week ahead but if I sleep too much, then I will have a sleepy week...hhmm..can I take back the too much sleep hours during weekend and use them by sleeping super late this few nights? Wonder if that works! hahaha!

dumb-baker said...

Jen, I'm so envy of you. Your babe accompanies you so shop for groceries without for me, if i spend more than 3 minutes in one section (coz i read the nutrition information and compare the product with other brands...then compare prices....aih..i'm so AUNTY) bb will show me his charcoal face ar?

Ya...i find Tesco's goods are cheap and quality wise can be comparable to other branded products..pssst...i'm a Tesco fan and Tesco member...huhuuuuhu!!!

Jen's Place said...

Hi Baker,
Actually my babe always accompany me go shop for groceries and even to the wet market lar. He also interested to see what there is to buy. Secretly, I think he just want to make sure that I buy the food that he likes and not those nutritious stuff that I like such as vegetables and taufu only! hahaha!

Alamak! We really sound like we are doing promotion for Tesco hor? haha

Anonymous said...

Hi hi!

Just wondering about the internet movies you and babe love!!! How can I get them? Please help!!!!!!!!!

Thanks! and yes, TESCO is fantastic! Great promos! I just bought their bacon last weekend and it was YUMMY!

Jen's Place said...

Hi Anonymous,
Which I can call you by ur nick or name though...

About the internet movies, you can browse the internet and try to search. There are a few but not all very stable. At the moment, we are using tvu but sometimes also cannot watch....It all depend on the internet connection and speed I think...

Rene Moller said...

Jen, I'm so envy of you. Your babe accompanies you so shop for groceries without for me, if i spend more than 3 minutes in one section (coz i read the nutrition information and compare the product with other brands...then compare prices....aih..i'm so AUNTY) bb will show me his charcoal face ar?

Anonymous said...

thanks!!! let me try the tvu!

Jen's Place said...

Hi Rene,
Hhhmmm...not very sure but I guess I asked my babe for his opinion so that he won't feel left out? But babe generally also enjoy shopping and he can out-walk me at the mall sometimes! But I am better at it now :P

Jen's Place said...

Hi Anonymous,
U r most welcomed ^_^
Hope you enjoy them..