Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Where Kepong Pork Market?????

Normally, I look forward to going back at the end of a long working day. Today, I am so not looking forward to walk back to my car at 6pm later! So far away! I should have listen to my heart this morning and wear the comfortable sport shoes instead of the platform shoe. Now I am paying for my vain-ness. But at least will be walking there through the mall first and can still let my eyes roam and enjoy themselves. Just hope that I won’t be tempted to get anything.

Oh yah, the reason why I parked so far away? Well, the idiotic management of the mall decided that every Wednesday is free parking day but only from 10am onwards! Oh gosh! How silly is that? I mean, 75% of the people that parked at their parking is usually those working in the building nearby. And we start work at 8.30-9pm. I mean, I don’t care if you want to charge me before 10am, just keep the parking open! Yup, the closed the parking too. So, end up, the whole lot of us either have to park in the building that we worked which charge the crazy rate of RM2 per hour (you do the math, how much at the end of the day), or parked more than 1km away and walk.

Last week, I actually parked inside the office building and move the car 2 hours later, of which I get charge RM3. And then re-park again at the free-parking area at the mall. This week, I decided to be more adventurous, arrive earlier and go straight to the far away parking. Actually, that is the normal parking area for a few of my colleagues but I just couldn’t bear the thought of walking more than 1km daily to and from work and my car. Anyway, it is actually not so bad lar if I have the right kind of shoes on. It might even be fun because I will pass a few shops/stores along the way that I don’t normally see. I am contemplating parking there again tomorrow but I must make sure I bring my comfy shoes!

Another half hour before I leave for work. I am planning to test out my new toaster oven tonight. Want to try that recipe that RK did a few weeks ago, chicken drumstick wrap with bacon. I also have some plans what to cook for weekend already. Thinking of doing chicken rice as well as onion ring! A friend suggested Tapioca flour to make the skin more crispy. So, will be doing that this weekend, if I have the time and energy. Not yet buy the ingredient. Maybe will do that on Friday before I go back from work.

I am still looking for the wet market at Kepong actually. Anyone have any idea where it is, perhaps you don’t mind leaving me a message? Oh yah, forgot to say, the wet market must also sell pork! Hahaha! Our pork supply finish liaw and babe keep on mumbling about where to find more pork and stock up. Worse come to worse, we might just go to ss24 wet market but even that place, I am not sure got sell pork or not ler. Or else need to get from supermarket, gasp, RM25++ per kg! Wonder if I should go online and google, pork market in Kepong!?!?! Hahaha

Right, enough of that for now. I will try to REMEMBER to take lot of photo and share here. Usually I only remember when we finish eating. Babe lar, so hungry that he attack the food the moment I lay them on the table! Talking about table, we have yet to get our dining table. Still considering between getting those foldable plastic type and some plastic chairs or the solid wood table+4 chairs. The plastic table would cost roughly RM60 + chairs RM15 each. So, at the end, should be less than RM100. The solid wood table+4chairs is RM199. Still considering but RK, SK and Didi are all telling me to just get the plastic ones. Then in the future, after more settled and for sure will stay there long, then get the solid wood type.

At first, I think true also what they said but then hor, RK said, life is short! If you really like that solid wood table, then go get it lar if it is within your budget! Wahhh!!!! I can actually imagine that table in my dining area!!! Wah!! I have to think of how to convince babe. Or maybe I should just buy without telling him. I hope he don’t read my blog! He been reading my posting nowadays and then suddenly turn around and ask me, Like that my friend H know liaw that I accident? Hhmm…..babe, can only say, NO COMMENT!!! BLUEK!


Sumuk said...

There's a wet market along Old Klang Road, next to Pos Office. But that might be a bit too far for you. Im sure they are selling pork too cos OKR is a Chinese area. Try it someday.

Jen's Place said...

Hi Sumuk,
Old Klang Rd too far...
Still think Kepong shud have bcos it is a Chinese area too. I wonder how else I can find out